29 May

Lightning Strikes Twice for lucky Jackpot Online Slots Player

Jackpot online slots strikes twiceThere are lots of reasons why casino players are drawn to the games that they play. Many choose to play jackpot online slots because they are quick, convenient, and can offer the highest potential profit. But we all know the odds of winning the big online slots jackpot is incredibly slim.

All players secretly dream of what they would do if they were to unleash a mammoth sized jackpot. Purchase a snazzy new car, pay off the mortgage or a buy a new home, go on a extravagant vacation, etc. The vast majority don’t actually think it will happen, but it’s fun to fantasize.

We know someone has to win, but the odds of it being you, or me, or even someone we know? Astronomical!

If you think that’s an astronomical probability, just imagine how long the odds would be against the same person, winning the same online slots jackpot, twice in a row?

Well, that’s just preposterous, don’t you think? It’s so ridiculous, who would even bother calculating the odds of such a thing happening? The truth is, no one bothers to make such calculations, until there’s a need for it – like now.

For the record, it’s about a 1 in 625 million chance.

Jackpot Online Slots Strikes Twice for 1 Player

Online Slots Jackpot strikes 2x on IGT Star LanternsNot only did one very lucky woman – perhaps the luckiest woman in the world to date, financially speaking – beat those odds, winning the same online slots jackpot two times. She actually did it in less than four weeks!

The woman, known only by her alias “Sandam” at gambling website bgo.com, was playing the jackpot online slots title Megajackpots Star Lantern on the evening of April 14, 2017, when the first windfall occurred. That day just happened to be the appropriately (and ironically) named religious holiday, Good Friday.

Sandam, a native of South London, was shocked by her incredible fortune. She had placed a £20 wager on IGT’s Star Lanterns online jackpot slots, and the next thing she knew, she was £1.13 million richer!

The lucky lady, in her 40’s, couldn’t believe her improbable fortune. She had beaten unimaginable odds, and now had more than enough money to enjoy the rest of her life quite comfortably. In the meantime, she chose to continue playing the life-altering jackpot online slots that had been so generous to her before.

To the absolute amazement of herself, and the entire staff at bgo.com, she did it again, overcoming the tremendous odds of 625 million to 1. Just three and a half weeks after the first windfall, Sandam won the same online slots jackpot, placing the same £20 bet. This time, it was worth £627k, bringing her total winnings to more than £1.7 million.

Response to 2x Online Slots Jackpot Wins

“I just couldn’t believe it when I won the first jackpot,” Sandam told an account manager with the online casino. “But when the second win happened less than a month later I thought there must be a mistake!”

It was no mistake, though. Allan Turner of bgo.com confirmed the news, saying, “These two wins happening to the same player within a month is just staggering. The odds are crazy but she has beaten them!

“We’re really pleased for Sandam – she’s obviously got the magic touch and the boss should be worried – he doesn’t like being beaten!” he quipped.

Sandam has a few plans for spending the jackpot. Her first purchase will be a new car. Next up, she said “there’ll be lots of treats for the family lined up, too!”

I imagine she’s not entirely done playing her favorite jackpot online slots, either. Lightning striking twice may be phenomenally rare, but who wouldn’t want to be the first to win the same online slots jackpot three times?!