12 Nov

5 Reel Drive Pokies at Spin Palace – Review

5 Reel Drive is a fast-food themed slot that was developed for mobile play, and has a very simple aesthetic that accounts for this. There are only 9 paylines on this slot and there are also not many options along the bottom in terms of auto-play and bet sizing. If you want to access the pay-table and any other info then you simply need to swipe left or right.

The layout of 5 Reel Drive is not conducive to desktop play, which is perhaps why we have yet to find a version of this game that can be played on the main casino software. So, how does 5 Reel Drive stack-up against other mobile slots?


5 Reel Drive uses a very simple design, not unlike the pokies of old. In fact, the 5 reel, 3 column, 9 payline design matches the layout you would find in 1990s arcades, although a little more attention has been paid to the symbols and to the features, which means there is more to 5 Reel Drive than a simple arcade pokie.

There are some high paying symbols on 5 Reel Drive — including a 10,000 coin prize for landing 5 wilds — and because there are so few lines and so few symbols, these are fairly common and a big win is never too far away. This is thanks to a high RTP, coming in at 96.96%. There is no progressive jackpot here though and this is certainly not a pokie that will gift you a life-changing sum.

5 Reel Drive can be played for as little as $0.25 per line, which is quite high when you consider that the minimum bet will therefore be $2.25. The maximum bet is $10 per line, or $90 per spin, which means that this game will favour those seeking to gamble with higher limits, as opposed to the penny players.

Bonus Rounds

There is a scatter symbol on 5 Reel Drive, but this doesn’t trigger a bonus round or a free spins round of any sort. There isn’t even an instant win feature, which is a bit of a letdown. However, for a slot that was created several years ago and designed with the mobile market in mind, it is perhaps to be expected. The scatter symbol is still a welcome sight though, as it pays out just like a standard payline does, and it will do this regardless of where it lands on the reels.


5 Reel Drive is a dated pokie, there are no two ways about it. It will be overlooked by players who like their pokies big and brash, players who like their mini-games and their interactivity. It will even be overlooked by many hardened mobile gamers, because there is just so much more choice on the market these days, with 3D slots also available on mobile devices. However, players that like to keep things simple, players that only care about the big returns and find bonus rounds a waste of time, will enjoy this.

That accounts for a very small portion of the gambling public and it also excludes us, but even dated, simplistic slots like 5 Reel Drive can find an audience in an industry that has millions of customers.

Where to Play

5 Reel Drive can be found on the majority of Microgaming casinos, but it is not available on all of them. The bigger casinos tend to list the majority of Microgaming pokies, including Spin Palace. This is one of the flagship Microgaming casinos, one that has been going for a long time, offers a substantial new member bonus and also has one of the best loyalty schemes around. In fact, if you climb high enough in the levels of the Spin Palace Loyalty Club then you can earn everything from cash-back to free gifts, days out, tournament tickets and much more. The biggest VIPs will even get their own VIP manager, as well as personalised gifts for themselves and for their friends and family.

If you want to play 5 Reel Drive then you will obviously need to download the Spin Palace mobile casino, but you might need to use the main site as well to deposit and to withdraw, as it’s not always recommend to do this on your mobile.