Real Money Gambling is run by local Aussies in Melbourne who have been gambling for over 10 years both at land-based casinos and online platforms. We wouldn’t call ourselves addicts, but we are certainly enthusiastic about online casinos. Having experienced the pitfalls and fakery within this industry, we know what it’s like to lose money at fake platforms and have since wanted to share our experiences and recommendations for safe online gambling.

We treat gambling as a fun hobby and intertwine it into our lives throughout work, family and pleasure. However, we know that everyone has different goals and enthusiasm for gambling so this site is meant to capture those diverse demands and help lead you in the right direction. It’s important to remember to budget your casino playing and not let it dominate your life unless you are really good and have had success. Everything is best in moderation, and gambling is the same.

Australia has one of the biggest gambling communities in the world, and pokies are arguably a national pastime. Perhaps it is because we are gamblers at heart that we like to play things like the pokies, and while some may say that every culture has their “stupid” we like to think every place has their own form of entertainment and relaxation.

We first stared meeting with friends at local pubs and casinos to have a few drinks and chit chat over some fun pokies playing. We didn’t think much of it but it dawned on us after a while how these attracting these games were what they did for us after a long day of work. Rather than going home and sitting on the couch to watch TV, getting out of the house and finding an excuse to bring a bunch of mates together for a few pints and a game of pokies seemed more enjoyable. We saw this game as something that bonded people together and helped them relax, rather than destroy the pocket books of players as many anti-gambling organizations would have you believe.

Once the mobile world started to emerge and online platforms came about, people have shifted their playing elsewhere. It’s not to say that we don’t get out anymore or stopped interacting with friends like younger generations are starting to show, but instead saw an opportunity to gamble when those meetings were not an option. We see online gambling as a great alternative and supplement to our casino playing that we make use of when we have the craving but perhaps not the time or capacity to go out.

Like many, we experienced some setbacks when we first entered the online gambling world. We didn’t know what was legitimate, what the standard is for withdraws and what the actual laws were in Australia due to uncertainties back in the early 2000s. After making a few mistakes by depositing with fake vendors and doing more in-depth research on Australia gambling legality, we found our niche with several vendors and have since wrote about our favorites, namely Royal Vegas and Spin Palace.

These two casinos have treated us the best in earnings, game variety, deposit options and customer service. We expect professionalism and honesty from whomever we work with, and believe that gambling is no different. That’s why we push them across the site because between them they cover so many areas and in such a good manner. Both of the casinos are fully regulated and compatible for safe playing across a multitude of devices.

Make sure to keep an eye on this site as we update it with the latest news and tip related to gambling frequently. We also have a newsletter available and are available for contact to answer any questions you have may have. Remember to gamble responsibly and have fun.

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