29 Oct

Where to Play American Roulette in Australia

American roulette tweaks the rules of roulette slightly, removing the “La Partage” rule that existed in historic games of roulette and continues to exist in French roulette, and also adding an extra zero to the wheel.

American Roulette

Favoured in US casinos, including the ones you will find on the Vegas strip, American roulette was created to give the house an extra boost. By making some seemingly minute changes, including the inclusion of an extra zero, the belief was that the players wouldn’t know the difference, whilst the casino wold be able to secure a significant extra profit. Of course, few people play roulette because of the house edge anyway, everyone knows that their chances of winning big are slight, so high odds and small chances are all a part of what makes this game so fun.

With that in mind, where can Australian players play this version of the classic casino game?

Where to Play American Roulette

The best place to play this game online is through Royal Vegas Casino, which uses the Microgaming software. Not only does this offer a number of roulette variants, but its American roulette is one of the best you will find, carrying one of the lowest house edge you will find. Of course, the edge is still higher than that of any other roulette variant, but such is the way with American roulette.

Why Join Royal Vegas Casino?

It’s not all about roulette of course, because whilst Royal Vegas Casino do have one of the best selections in that regard, the same could be said for every other Microgaming casino out there. After all, they all use the same software. So what sets Royal Vegas Casino apart from the rest, why should you join this casino and not one of the hundreds of others that operate in a similar manner and use the same software?

  • Compatibility: One of the things that has always helped Royal Vegas Casino to stand out is its compatibility, the fact that it has always tried to be available to as many people as possible. This is evident in the fact that Royal Vegas Casino is available in most countries, with domain extensions and country-specific sites to cater for players in Canada, Australia and many other locations. But you can also see this in their payment options, which include a number of methods that can only be used in one or two countries, such as POLi which is available only in Australia and New Zealand. Royal Vegas Casino’s software also works on most operating systems, with downloadable software for Mac and Windows, a web-based software for others and a mobile version for tablet and smartphone users.
  • Bonuses: As well as a new member bonus that offers as much as $1,200 to all new players, Royal Vegas Casino also offers a host of other bonuses and promotions. This includes the additional 75 free spins that you can unlock as a new member, as well as the promotions that will come your way as a loyal player. What’s more, Royal Vegas Casino is also a member of the Fortune Lounge Group, which provides all of its members with a long list of promotions, including pokies tournaments that offer everything from large cash prizes to cruise tickets and luxury sports cars. Both Royal Vegas Casino and Fortune Lounge Group also have loyalty schemes, and you only need to be a member of Royal Vegas Casino to take advantage of both of these.
  • Customer Support: Very few online casinos have acceptable levels of customer support these days. With licensed software that was created by someone else and is able to run on its own, certifications that were handed to them by someone else and banking options that are also handled by a third-party, it is easy to see where many online casinos treat their sites and software as if it was automated, shirking away from any responsibility when it comes to customer support. Royal Vegas Casino definitely does not do this, and their staff are not only quick to respond, but they can be reached through a number of methods and offer nothing but friendly and professional advice at all times.
  • Banking Options: We mentioned country-specific banking options above, but we didn’t mention that Royal Vegas Casino has one of the largest selections of banking options of any online casino, or indeed any online gambling site. These include the niche and even obscure methods, such as eChecks, POLi and Ukash, but they also include a number of popular methods, including a host of debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers and a great deal more. In fact, the list of accepted methods contains well over 20 different options, and whilst the list of withdrawal options is not as long, it is still one of the longest you will likely see in this industry.