21 Sep

Benefits of Online Casino Playing

Casino players are finding with the rise of technology and the convenience that comes with it they no longer feel the need to go to land-based casinos to get their gambling fix. Popular games were previously limited to pubs and gambling halls, but this is changing dramatically due to smartphone, tablet and even wearable devices offering customized experiences from the comfort of one’s home. In this article we take a look at why you should consider online casinos in order to further understand the benefits.


To begin, online casinos such as the ones promoted on this site are all regulated. There is a myth that they are somehow less safe but this is not true. International gaming authorities oversee platforms such as Royal Vegas and Spin Palace and they also work with governments to make sure they operate in accordance with local law. These casinos in fact could open their doors to US citizens but due to differentiating laws in US states both of them have closed their doors to US traffic to show they have no intention of taking on illegal matters. Regulation exists and builds reputation for these casinos.


Unlike land-based casinos that typically have an 80% payout, Spin Palace and Royal Vegas openly state their percentage is over 96%, meaning your chances of winning are much higher. Withdraws can be done within 1-3 business days and placed directly into your banking account rather than gathering coupons or cash from casinos that require you make a special trip to the bank.

On the Go

Casinos at land-based facilities limit people to a set location and no longer reflect the mobile consumer of the 21st century. Online casinos allow for players to enjoy pokies while on the bus, at the park, at an airport or while waiting in line. Most people have smartphones now so it only makes sense that we try to make money from them while on the go instead of losing money with our rear ends planted to one location.


Casino platforms now offer a wide variety of playing options ranging from iOS phones and tablets, Android phones, tablets and smart watches, as well as various desktop applications ranging from Windows, OSX and Linux. What is even more impressive, all of the devices can stream from the casino’s website, which stores its information internally. This allows players to play however they want, whenever they want.


Personalized facilities include playing on your couch, bed or even on the can when should you choose to do so. Pokies developers are also working on extending applications to automobiles so that you can play as a passenger or as a driver when free. You can also make use of setting up your own little gambling hall in the living room, playing in your pajamas, eating the food of your choice or taking in a few reels before bed. The choices are limitless.

Live Dealers

Yes, there are live dealers at platforms such as Royal Vegas, which means you get to keep playing your favorite games such as Blackjack with real dealers but from the comfort of your own home. You might want to think twice before playing in your underwear should you chose to turn your camera on for the dealer to see.


If you get bored with an online casino game then simply turn it off and resume another time. Provided you are not in the middle of an important live dealer game you can simply cash out at any time and end. If you are at a land-based casino this requires you to get up and leave, thus ending your experience for good until you find the time to drive out and try it once more.