14 Jul

Learn the Best Way to Win on Pokies Australia

Best Way to Win on Pokies AustraliaEveryone wants to know the best way to win on pokies. Australia is teeming with them. They’re found in pubs, clubs, hotels and land-based casinos, and are available at thousands of online gambling websites. As much as we love them, we’ve also gathered that they are one of the fastest ways to blow through a paycheck.

Mae no mistake. Pokies are not designed to make money for the players, but rather the manufacturers that distribute them, and the operators that provide them to the public. This doesn’t mean playing poker machines is a bad investment. But its not one that we should see as a source of supplementary income, either.

Basic Principles of Pokies Strategy

In order to understand the best way to win on pokies, Australia players must first gain a deeper understanding of what a good pokies strategy does. It will never turn the odds into your favor. The purpose is to minimize losses, while increasing the odds of making a profit to their absolute highest.

In the pokies business, it’s referred to by two names; Return to Player (RTP), or Payout Percentage.

Most of you should be familiar with the term “house edge”. It’s a percentage-based figure that denotes, on average, how much the house, or casino (or pub, club, etc.) will win from the player. The RTP is the exact opposite.

If a poker machine has a house edge of 12.5%, then the RTP is 87.5%, or the opposite of the house edge.

What this means is that—on average—for every $100 a poker machine takes in, it will payout $87.50. So the player can expect to win back $87.50 for every $100 they play on the pokies, while the operator can expect earn $12.50 for every $100 wagered.

This probably doesn’t sound like a very good deal for the player. Unfortunately, that’s what the average poker machines in Australia are required to pay out. Online casinos, on the other hand, aren’t regulated by Australian laws, therefore can provide much higher RTPs, ranging anywhere from 94% to 98%.

Which brings us to Rule #1:

The best way to win on pokies is to play online, not in a pub, club, hotel or land-based casino!

Next up is game selection.

Best Way To Win On Pokies Australia

We know the best games are going to be found online, but if you’ve bothered to look, you know there are dozens of different pokies types. I don’t mean dozens of games—that number ranges into the thousands. It’s the type of pokies games that they are classified as that matters.

Most online pokies have a predetermined RTP. Whether a game has 9 paylines, or 243+ ways to win, its RTP does not typically waver.

The RTP can only change if:

  1. It’s a Progressive Jackpot game

  2. It’s a 3 Reel Game with fixed paylines and an optional number of coins

Progressive jackpot games have RTP’s that can actually rise with the size of the jackpot. If it’s close to its original seed, the RTP will be lower. If, however, the progressive has grown much higher than its original seed, the RTP can be much greater.

Your odds of winning aren’t going up, but the amount of money you could win, in relation to the cost of playing, does have an effect on RTP.

By this rule—Rule #2—the best way to win on pokies is to play a progressive game with a jackpot that has grown to at least triple its original seed. For example, a jackpot that resets at $10,000 each time it’s won should only be played once it’s reached $30,000+.

3 Reel games with a fixed amount of paylines may actually allow the player to adjust the RTP by betting max coins. To know if a machine falls into this category, look at the difference in the pay table for the top prize when 1, 2 or 3 coins (assuming 3 is max) are played.

If the payout for max coins is higher than a direct multiple of 1 and 2 coins, the RTP will increase with a max bet.

For example, let’s say the top payout is 1,000 for 1 coin, 2,000 for 2 coins, and 4,000 for 3 coins. This machine has a higher RTP with max coins played. If the top payout for 3 coins was 3,000, it would be a direct multiple, giving the player no advantage for a max bet. Thus Rule #3 is to play 3-reel games with a max bet payout advantage.


When you put all this information together, we find the absolute best way to win on pokies. Australia players should combine all three rules by playing online games with 3 reels, a max bet advantage, and a progressive jackpot that’s reached 3x or better its seed.