16 Nov

Australian Big Kahuna Pokies Review

A simple 9 payline slot from Microgaming, Big Kahuna was developed with the mobile market in mind, but it seems to have spread beyond that platform since its creation. This is a non-progressive pokie with a Hawaiian, tropical theme, and unlike other low-payline mobile slots, it comes with a bonus game and some other big features.


Big Kahuna begins with a short introduction, which goes some way to explaining the theme and the name, but it is far from the 3D, flashy introductions you will find on many other modern slots. The theme is based around a monkey, and it goes someway to include this throughout, with a soundtrack and some animations, but as is the case with so many slots, it isn’t entirely relevant to the gameplay and you could spend an hour playing this game and still not truly understand what is going on.

That is not necessarily a bad thing though and it is certainly not unique to Big Kahuna. After all, as long as a pokie pays big money and offers plenty of action, then most players won’t mind, and you can find that in abundance here.

Big Kahuna can be played for as little as $0.02 per line and as much as $2, and the highest paying symbol is the wild, which returns a sizeable jackpot if you get 5 of them on a single payline.

Bonus Rounds

The main bonus round is a simple “choose-me” round, but one that is juiced up a little. You need at least 3 of the volcano symbols to unlock this round, at which point you will be asked to choose from a few pieces of fruit as a tribal chief awaits your decision. These all return a cash amount. There is also a secondary bonus round involving a mask. This is also a simple round that asks you to make a choice and delivers a cash amount accordingly, but the amount you get at the end of this round is not usually as much as the amount you’ll get from the volcano round.

There are no free spins and no other features, but for such a small game with so few paylines, we were surprised to find as many features as it had.


This is not the best pokie you will play this year, and it might not even be the best one you will play today. It is a quick and fun pokie, but there is nothing hugely unique here, nothing memorable and nothing that will keep you coming back for more. It is a little more fun than many other simplistic 9 payline slots, and it’s certainly not dull, but in a world of 3D slots, big bonus rounds and unique features, we were hoping for a little more from Big Kahuna. Of course, if you like to keep things simple, if you’re turned off by advanced games and graphics, then this could be just what you are looking for.

Where to Play

You can find Big Kahuna on most Microgaming casinos. This is a mobile game, so to get the best experience you need a casino that has mobile compatibility, and even in this day and age that doesn’t account for all of them. The better ones do have mobile versions though and they also have big bonuses for you to take advantage of.

As far as we are concerned, the pick of the bunch is Spin Palace, which is part of the Betway company and has been around for about 15 years now. Throughout that time this has been the best place to play Microgaming pokies, and as well as Big Kahuna, you can find hundreds of other desktop and mobile pokies.

Spin Palace has a new member bonus of $1,000, which is a great way of getting accustomed to the casino, effectively playing all of their games for free, and keeping any profits that you earn. The thing that truly sets Spin Palace apart though, is the loyalty club. All members can join this and providing they gamble with real money, they can all benefit from it. The more you bet, the higher you will climb in this loyalty club, and the more cash back and prizes you will earn. This is by far the best loyalty club we have encountered, and considering many online casinos don’t even bother with such schemes anymore, it is a welcome sight.