15 Sep

Real Money Bingo – Australia Online Bingo for Money

Bingo is one of the fastest growing games in terms of popularity on the web. Within only the last few years, online casino platforms have developed and incorporated bingo into their casino setups for real money playing in order to meet ongoing player demand. From traditional bingo games to new and exciting alternatives that combine bingo with other games such as roulette, Aussies now have the opportunity to play bingo online from their mobile device or PC for real money, and can do so through regulated brokers.

The casino currently leading the way in bingo action is Royal Vegas. This casino is well known for its pokies, table games and video poker, but has also prompted new attention since the release of bingo games back in 2013 found under the site’s “casual games” section. There are 6 main games to choose from that cover traditional bingo playing to multi-card options, all with varying themes, music, betting amounts and much more to keep players happy and entertained.

Perhaps you are wondering why you should choose an online casino for bingo? Traditionally, bingo playing is not considered to be a form of gambling but to the online world where platforms offer real-cash prizes for games this falls under the umbrella of casino playing or gambling. This is nothing to worry about since online gambling is legal in Australia, and in fact is better for players since online casinos have much higher jackpots, generous paybacks and is regulated under gaming authorities recognized internationally. The casino aspect guarantees safety, and is more of a brand name to secure trust and diversity in playing, so choosing a reputable gambling brand that has a history of fair gaming is important.

Royal Vegas has been well known in Australia since its establishment in the early 2000s. Most Aussies visit this site for pokies but bingo is now among one of the top games under the casual games section. If you ever feel bored with simply playing bingo you can shift to other games such as blackjack or pokies where you can use earnings to play. The casino is an all in one experience for gaming and there are various games to choose from. Below is a breakdown:

Types of games

Two games called Pharaoh Bingo and Samba Bingo are variations on traditional bingo games in which you can choose the amount of cards you play, and the amount wagered for each card also known as ticket wagers. There are options to play against other people in tournaments or against the machine where you are up against a random number generator. We prefer playing with a group of people because at least one person is going to cash out with money if not more since winnings are based around player competition between each other. The main downside to this type of game is waiting for the tournament to start but generally speaking they rev up about every 10 minutes or so. In the meantime, there is a forum you can use to chat with other players in case you have any questions.

There is also electric bingo and ballistic bingo, which are faster-paced versions and have higher ticket amounts for deposits. Both winnings and losses occur faster due to this setup, and it is more common to play against the machine than against other people. We also like Spingo, which is a type of bingo game that combines roulette imagery and spins before the ball is chosen. This game is still bingo but incorporates different imagery and slightly different playing options, nevertheless with the same looking cards and rules you have in traditional bingo.

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Getting Started

Following the link above will get you a $1200 bonus if this is your first time signing up or a 100% deposit match if you are a returning player to the casino. Banking options are easy to follow and cash outs require 24-72 hours depending on the amount and day requested.

Playing is easy. Your cards are distributed at random just as they would be in a traditional bingo hall and the numbers drawn the same. This is a game of chance no matter if it is online or in person, and your odds can change depending on the amount of people playing as well as the amount wagered. The upside is that you can use your tablet, smartphone or PC to play at anytime and so on an online platform that is secure.