21 Aug

Blacklisted Casinos in Australia

There are many online casinos out there that have been blacklisted by the online gambling community. The reason behind this varies greatly, from software that claims to offer odds and returns much higher than it actually offers, to companies that refuse to pay out winnings and ones that even ban players who have won big.

In this article we’ll go through all of the biggest offenders over the last few years. Not all of these sites are still in operation, but even the ones that have since closed down may reappear from time to time with the same name or a similar name, so it’s worth learning about them now so that you can avoid them in the future.

Trusted Casino

Of course, after reading this article you’ll have a good idea of which casinos to avoid, but won’t be any the wiser about which ones you should join. We can’t make up your mind for you here, but generally you should opt for a trusted casino that has been doing the rounds for many years, one that has never let anyone down (Google will tell you all you need to know in this regard) one that offers a lot of bonuses and one that has a good loyalty scheme.

A casino that fits the bill for us is Royal Vegas Casino, and this is why Royal Vegas has always been our casino of choice. Others come and go, but this remains because we have always trusted it and have always been treated properly by the customer support team, and by the bonuses and loyalty scheme. In time, you will find your own preferred casino, and it will probably hit you after you have joined a few bad ones and a number of mediocre ones. Of course, if you have not joined Royal Vegas Casino, then that’s a good place to start, but just because it is perfect for us and many others (it is actually one of the most popular online casinos in Australia), does not mean it will be perfect for you.

The Casino Blacklist

One of the biggest names to make it on any blacklist is BetFred. This is an age-old name in the betting community and by all accounts the sports betting side of the site is still fine. However, they used some suspicious software for their online casino and this was proved to be rigged. BetFred apologised and wiped their hands clean of all involvement with the company that made their software, but there were no reports of them paying compensation to all of the loyal members who had lost thousands because of this unfair software.

AmigoTechs is one of the latest casinos to come to our attention, but this casino has been running unfair software for many years now. The first reports came back in 2011 and since then many players have compiled extensive reports to suggest that this casino’s practices are unfair and that their software is not honest, claiming to offer one set of odds and returning a completely different one. For the same reason, Moore Games has been added to our blacklist, whilst you should also avoid any casino that uses the Spielo G2 software, as this is the software that was causing the issues on BetFred. It still exists, although it is not as common as the likes of Microgaming and PlayTech, who are definitely legit. In fact, a good way of checking whether a casino’s software is legit from the get-go is to check whether it uses one of these software programs. There are others, including Realtime Gaming, but whilst this is fair and legit, it can also be tweaked by the casino that licenses it, which means that they can rig it if they choose. This is not the case with the two mentioned above, and they are also strictly audited to stop that from happening.

Other Blacklists

Scam sites aren’t just limited to online casinos. One of the biggest sports books to slip onto the blacklist in recent years is 666Bet, which was launched in the UK following a lot of advertising and celebrity endorsements. It seemed like an odd name for a betting site, and one which few could get their heads around, but in time it proved apt. Their owner was indicted for fraud charges and the site also experienced a number of issues. Winner Sportsbet has also had a lot of complaints and should be avoided. They did their best to offer a big first deposit bonus and managed to get their name out there, but few people where actually given this bonus and others had their accounts deleted when they won big.

When it comes to poker, one of the biggest sites to find its way onto the blacklist in recent years is Lock Poker, which used to be legit by all accounts, right until it stopped paying withdrawals and started deleting accounts with little explanation and no reason.