25 Apr

Microgaming sponsors ‘Bubble Rush’ for Children’s Hospice Group

Rebecca House Bubble Rush sponsred by Gambling Games Maker MicrogamingRebecca House, the Children’s Hospice program on the Isle of Man, is preparing to host a special event called ‘Bubble Rush‘. No, it’s not the latest trending mobile app. It’s a day of fun, friends, family and fund raising, topped off by a stream of colorful, foaming bubbles. To make it even better, its lucrative success has been guaranteed by the sponsorship of gambling games maker Microgaming.

The Bubble Rush is scheduled for July 1, 2017, at Mooragh Park, The Vollan Ramsey, Isle of Man from 11am to 4pm. Hospice has sponsored several Bubble Rush fundraisers in the UK, but this marks the first event of its kind on the island, and is sure to be a hit with the locals.

Participants young and old are invited to enjoy the experience of a lifetime as they run, dance, spin, walk or – for those in a pushchair or wheelchair – get pushed through a vibrant stream of coloured bubbles.

Gambling Games Maker Sponsors Bubble Rush on Isle of Man

“The 2k course starts in a sea of bubbles and features four Bubble Stations along the route where our cannons pump out coloured bubbles,” said Rebecca House in its announcement of the charitable event.

“Our course is family friendly, so you can run, jog, walk or toddle through the foam. You can even dance if you want to!” the notice extolled. “Pushchairs and wheelchairs are also very welcome. The most important thing is that you enjoy your time in the bubbles!”

Each participant will be given a branded Bubble Rush T-shirt upon entry, and will be awarded a medal for taking part in this bubbly day of fun-filled entertainment. The event will also feature bounce castles, along with food and refreshment stalls.

Gambling Games Maker Sponsoring Success

With the help of gambling games maker Microgaming, the fundraiser is sure to be a munificent success. The multi-national software firm’s Play It Forward initiative was launched in 2014 for the sole purpose raising up the community.

Play It Forward is constantly working with charitable groups. It is famous for donating large sums of money to support worthy causes like this one, sending out a team of volunteers to help organize local charity events.

The decades-old gambling games maker is committed to giving back to the community to support healthcare, education, sports and other important projects.

Discount Tickets to Bubble Rush in April

If you’re feeling particularly bubbly, you can buy tickets to Bubble Rush now for a discounted price. These ‘Early Bird‘ rates will be available throughout the month of April. Starting May 1, the cost will increase to regular price. Tickets can also be purchased at the event upon arrival.

See the following Bubble Rush price chart fr more information:

Rebecca House Bubble Rush Ticket Pricing

Age Range

Early Bird

Regular Price

Under 3



Children 3-15



Adults 16+



Family (2 adults, 2 children)



Any questions should be directed to Hospice Events Manager Sharon Connor on 01624 647432, or any member of the Hospice fundraising team on 01624 647433.

For more information on ticket purchases, or how to set up your own Just Giving page to help raise additional funds for the event, contact Ms. Connor (01624 647432), or send an email to fundraising@hospice.org.im.

Gearing Up For The Bubble Rush

“We are very grateful to have Microgaming on board to support this event as it maximises the funds raised, ensuring as much money as possible can go to support our patients and their families,” said Ms. Connor, who’s organization currently supports 32 Rebecca House families.

“Eighty-five pence of every pound raised goes directly to patients so their support makes a massive real impact on people when they need most it in our compassionate community.”

Claire Coleman, head of Microgaming’s Play It Forward initiative, was proud to be involved in this exciting upcoming event.

“Bubble rush is a fantastic fun run event that everyone can get involved in, irrespective of age and sporting ability. And with Play It Forward being a community-driven initiative, this is the perfect event for us to be supporting,” said Coleman.

As always, she said the Douglas-based gambling games maker’s MGS House “can’t wait to get involved” in such a worthy, community-driven cause.