8 May

Spin the $200k Jungle Wheel: Royal Vegas’s New Online Casino Promotion

After 17 long years in the online casino business, loyal members of Royal Vegas have come to expect a lot from their favorite gambling destination. The operator hosts new online casino promotions with 6-figure giveaways each and every month, and May 2017 is no exception.

Royal Vegas New Online Casino Promotions Wild Wins May 2017

This month Royal Vegas is promoting a new $200,000 Wild Wins giveaway. If you’ve participated in the operator’s monthly online casino promotions before, you probably have a good idea of how it works already. If not, here’s the low down.

New Online Casino Promotions – Wild Wins

For the entire month of May, starting on the 2nd and lasting through the 31st, Royal Vegas will be giving away a generous $200,000 in instant prizes, including rewards points, bonus credits and free spins on the pokie machines.

It’s called the Wild Wins promotions, and each time a member earns enough points, they will get to spin the Jungle Wheel for a prize. All players have to do to participate and earn spins on the Jungle Wheel is play their favorite games at Royal Vegas for real money.

To earn a spin on the wheel, players need to accumulate Rewards Points. These are the same points they always generate for playing, but with the new online casino promotion, those points have added benefits.

When logged into Royal Vegas Casino, players can see how close they are to earning a spin on the Jungle Wheel by monitoring the Progress Bar in the promotion’s menu. Once the progress bar fills to 100%, the player can click on the Spin button to see what instant prize awaits them.

There’s no limit to the number of spins a player can earn. Just keep playing games and generating rewards points to keep the bar filling up. Before the month is over, the online casino promotion is guaranteed to pay out no less than $200,000 in instant prizes. They include:

  • Free Credits: Used just like real money to play more games.

  • Free Spins: Used to spin the reels of your favorite pokie machines.

  • Rewards Points: Helpful in earning another spin on the Jungle Wheel, and when enough are collected, can be exchanged for cash credits in the casino.

Jungle Wheel Bonus Round

When a player spins the Jungle Wheel, one of the slots it could land on is labeled Bonus Round. This is a special feature of the new online casino promotion at Royal Vegas wherein players can spin an even better wheel for some really wild wins!

The prizes in the bonus round are much higher than those on the standard wheel. So keep playing, keep generating points and keep your fingers crossed that the wheel is extra generous on your next spin.

Visit Royal Vegas Casino now to learn more about all of their new online casino promotions, and start spinning your way to your share of $200,000 in instant prizes.

New players will have some extra spending power to accumulate the necessary rewards points. All new sign-ups will receive a welcome bonus package worth up to $1,200 on the first three deposits