13 Oct

ClickandBuy Payment for Secure Pokies Playing

ClickandBuy is an alternative e-wallet payment method established with the goal of providing financial anonymity and safety for online consumers. Established in Germany originally and currently headquartered in the UK, this company aims to improve financial transactions security overs its competitors such as PayPal by acting as a proxy in which the banking information of each individual user is stored solely at its database and not with the merchants linked.

The concept may seem a bit ridiculous but ClickandBuy states that online shoppers or gamers are at high risk of credit fraud since their credit data is stored at each online hub where a transaction is made. Credit card information used online for shopping, booking tickets or even visiting casino platforms are all stored securely provided the vendor is legit but with each transaction comes another potential risk of one’s data being leaked, which in some cases can turn disastrous as reflected in the recent US-based Target credit hack. Online scammers are everywhere and ClickandBuy aims to take them out of the equation even if their denominator is very small.

While such cases such as the Target hack are rare they nevertheless occur, so what ClickandBuy aims to achieve is to eliminate the consumer’s credit card information from such transactions by creating ID numbers for each registrant that can be typed in and used to pay. Users sign up at the platform, type in their credit information and are assigned an ID in which they pay through an email address and a password at platforms where the payment method is accepted. The charge then goes through the company’s system and lastly to your linked banking card just like the way PayPal operates.

The major difference is that this company does not allocate the financial information along with the user’s address through each transaction like PayPal, which does so mainly due to differences in laws across the world. ClickandBuy has obtained a McAfee Certification for this setup – the only e-wallet service to do so – and therefore is also recognized as a top alternative payment not only for online shopping but also for entertainment such as casino gambling. Other e-wallets meanwhile are hesitant to take on this method full fledge since this type of demand is considered niche-based, albeit the more than 15 million users and 200,000 vendors using the technology.

For the gambler, this payment method secures your winnings more than any other method but this does not mean that other methods are unsafe. No players at platforms such as Spin Palace have ever reported issues with credit cards since security is very tight. However, what the casino player may find satisfying is that when you sign up with ClickandBuy your direct financial information is saved and prevented from being tracked directly, which not only helps prevent credit scams to your banking account but also takes away concern associated with tax and legality issues in Australia. We have talked extensively at here at Real Money Gambling regarding how safe it is for pokies players to use their personal banking information to play without having to worry about credit issues but some players are nevertheless skeptical. If skepticism is your middle name you should use this method, otherwise make sure to check out the legality section on this site for more information.

Overall, with an anonymous link between your transaction and the credit source you can rest assure this payment method will allow you to play any type of casino game such as pokies at reputable brands that accept the payment method, which for gambling online in Australia currently include Spin Palace and Royal Vegas. Additionally, players also find this payment method quicker than most other e-wallets for withdraw, and can receive payment directly to their account in which it is later distributed into one’s bank account as a “ClickandBuy” payment. This type of anonymous payment is legal in Australia because the payment system is regulated and associated with vendors that operate under the company’s guidelines in addition to Australian law. In other words, there is no need for the AU government to be suspicious of any transactions coming through the system, especially not for ones such as pokies winnings, as both the payment system and online gambling are legal in Australia.

Some reports have stated that ClickandBuy is a scam but this is simply not true. Reputable vendors both related and not related to gambling accept this company’s services including Facebook, and such claims are largely built around people who have been scammed on listings such as Craig’s List. ClickandBuy can only protect your financial information if the vendor accepting purchased services or products is legitimate. Luckily, Spin Palace and Royal Vegas are both long-established vendors in the market and also happen to offer hundreds of pokies games so you do not need to worry.