8 Dec

Royal Vegas Cyberstud Poker – Why Aussies Should Consider

Available on the Microgaming software, Cyberstud Poker is a variant of the popular Caribbean Stud Poker. There are very few differences — if any — in the way the game is played and even in the way it looks, but there are differences in regards to the payouts.


Unlike many other variants, which are often altered to give the house more of an advantage, this variant actually has a lower house edge than the game it is based on. Cyberstud Poker has a house edge of just 5%, less than the 5.22% you will find on Caribbean Stud poker games. This is despite the fact that Cyberstud Poker is a progressive jackpot game, a feature that you will often find on games with high house edges, as the casino knows players will be attracted to the jackpot regardless of their chances of winning it.


Essentially, in Cyberstud Poker you are playing Stud Poker against the house. You make a wager, followed by an optional side bet and you are then dealt 5 cards. All of the player’s cards are face down, but one of the dealer’s cards is face up. From here you can fold or continue betting, and the goal is to make a better hand than the dealer.

As well as trying to beat your hand, the dealer also needs to “qualify”, which means they need at least a king high. This feature, as well as the fact that you play against the house, makes Cyberstud Poker similar to Three-Card Poker. The difference here is that if you get a really good hand, then you can pickup a small jackpot, or even the progressive jackpot.


Cyberstud Poker is more luck-based than many other poker games. This is not Draw, so you can’t change your cards. It is not Texas Hold’em or Omaha, which means there are no community cards. You get what you are given initially, and your goal is to then decide whether you want to fold or play on. This is where the strategy comes in, because you need to decide whether those cards are strong enough to bet with, whether they are going to win the hand or not.

You should also play the side bet as often as you can. This injects even more luck into the game, but it is also where the big money is won. In fact, many players who play this game and games like it for a profit, often see their standard bets and wins as a way of covering their side bets. This means that as long as they can make enough of a profit to cover all side bets, and therefore give themselves a free roll of the dice, they are happy. That is how you combine luck and strategy, and it is how you give yourself the biggest chance of scooping the Cyberstud Poker progressive jackpot.


Keep track of all of your bets when playing Cyberstud Poker. If you are using the strategy above, then you will need to know how many side bets you should cover, and whether you are down or up. If you discover that you are losing a lot of money then give up, call it a night. Luck is fleeting, but in those moments you are going to get frustrated and even angry, and that leads to bad decisions and to risky moves, which is a slippery slope that no gambler wants to go down.

Where to Play

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