12 Sep

Fairest Online Casino

Pokies are big in Australia, but then you didn’t need us to tell you that. Aussies gamble more than citizens of any other country, and Aussie gamblers love pokies more than anything else. It has been said that the vast majority of people in Australia have gambled at one point or another, and that most of that gambling has been on pokies.

We are experts on pokies and we certainly know what we like. There are a vast number of pokies available though and a great number of developers peddling them and trying to break into the Aussie market. We have played through most of these and in our mind, and the minds of many pokie fans, you can’t get better than Microgaming.

This is exemplified nowhere better than on Spin Palace, a Microgaming casino that has been around almost as long as Microgaming have. These two go hand-in-hand, the best games, the best software and the best bonuses. Spin Palace also has the best loyalty club, offering a wealth of perks for diehard gamblers like ourselves and catering for the regular gambler and even for the obsessive gambler, as opposed to the part-time gambler that so many other sites seem to cater for.

Still, Microgaming is not the only pokies brand out there, and whilst it is generally considered to be the best, with the highest rated games, the biggest progressives and more releases than any other brand, there are some other good (and not so good) pokie brands out there. In this article we’ll take a look at many of them, highlighting the positives and the negatives, and ultimately explaining why Microgaming is far better than any of these.


If Microgaming are number 1, then Playtech are number 2. Playtech haven’t been around as long as Microgaming have — no one has — but they are just as big and often just as highly rated. Playtech don’t release as many pokies as Microgaming do, but they have some big licenses and some decent pokies under them. These include the Monopoly series of pokies, including Monopoly Super Money, which is one of the latest releases in a long-running series. Playtech also have the license to create Marvel slots, which is why they are popular with fans of superhero slot machines. Here you will find games such as Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk and Fantastic Four. These are very hit and miss in truth, but there are some diamonds in the rough.

Playtech tend to be preferred for their table games, with Microgaming preferred for their slots. This is because Playtech is home to Switch Blackjack, as well as some other big games.

Realtime Gaming

Often shortened to RTG, this is an experienced but problematic developer. You won’t find any big sports book casinos with RTG attached, because their focus is only on table games and pokies, and they don’t have software for any other form of gambling. You will also find that many of the less reputable casinos use RTG, although this has nothing to do with RTG themselves or with the license that they hand out. This is entirely down to the fact that RTG, unlike Playtech, Microgaming and many other developers, allow the casinos that license their products to tweak the payout rates. These rates are standard across other developers’ games, but on RTG the casino can change them anyway they want. Theoretically, they can tweak them so that no one wins. Ever. This is rare, and the best casinos are audited to stop this, but some of the smaller casinos get away with it.


One of the more interesting developers, and one that has some beautiful pokies, BetSoft is not without its issues. From an aesthetics point of view, and even from a gameplay point of view, BetSoft have by far the best slots. However, the payout percentage tends to be very low on these games and they are also incredibly hard to find, with very few casinos out there using BetSoft’s software.

Net Entertainment

Often shortened to Net Ent, this is a company on the move, and one that has been attracting a lot of attention from pokie fans like ourselves. The issue with Net Ent is that, as things stand, they don’t create entire software packages for online casinos. Instead, they create the odd pokie or two, which online casinos then add to their current roster. This is what Spin Palace do, and it is why you will find many top Net Ent pokies on the Spin Palace casino.

WMS Gaming

Just like Net Ent, WMS do not create entire software packages and instead focus on occasional games. They are also involved with offline casinos, creating pokies for the biggest names in the industry. Some of the biggest WMS Games of recent years include Ruby Slippers, which is based on the Wizard of Oz film and is available in both online and offline variants.