23 Jul

Fake Pokies Games – Where to Turn for Real Money

The online casino world isn’t as evil and scary as a lot of people make it out to be. There is a general consensus with a certain group of people that basically says anything to do with money on the internet must be fake, rigged or generally evil. That’s not true, but there are some unscrupulous sites out there that don’t do what they promise to do and what they should do.

The internet may not be a minefield of fake games and rigged sites, but they do exist, and as a player looking for a site that rewards loyalty and lets you play in a safe environment, these need to be avoided. So, with that in mind, which online casinos can be trusted the most, which ones are deserved of your money and your custom? We don’t want to give too much page space and exposure to rigged sites, not when we have already listed them in other articles, so in this article we will focus only on legitimate sites that can be trusted.

Royal Vegas Casino

One of the longest running casinos in the industry, Royal Vegas Casino is also one of the most trusted. After all, you don’t stay in business for as long as they have without doing something right. There are no black marks against their name, despite the fact that they have taken a large share of the online casino market for a number of years. This is a rarity, but it serves to prove that when it comes to trusted and experienced casinos, they don’t come more trusted or more experienced than Royal Vegas Casino.


All new members to Royal Vegas Casino will be able to take advantage of a bonus that pays out $1,200. Australians are actually at a little disadvantage here, as the bonus is always 1,200 in whatever currency the country operates in. Because the Australian Dollar is not the highest, Aussies get a little less than Americans and Europeans. Still, this is a lot of money and it’s not the only free cash that Royal Vegas Casino will send your way either.

Other bonuses include those offered by the Fortune Lounge Group, of which Royal Vegas Casino are a part. All members of Royal Vegas Casino are entitled to play in poker tournaments, blackjack tournaments, slots tournaments and more run by this trusted community. The prizes on offer in these tournaments are huge, with cruises, sports cars and bundles of cash all on offer. There are other promotions and bonuses as well, run by both Royal Vegas Casino and the Fortune Lounge Group, and many of these draw winners out of hats, without them needing to enter and win any sort of tournament.

Deposits and Withdrawals

On Royal Vegas Casino you will find one of the lowest minimum deposits around, because you can play for as little as $5 AUD. What’s more, everyone, even those depositing just $5, can take advantage of the new member bonuses, loyalty scheme and the other promotions discussed above.

There is also an extra 10% offered to members who deposit using 1 of 6 web wallets, including Skrill, but not including PayPal. You can still deposit using PayPal of course, you just won’t get the additional 10% in credits. The same goes if you deposit using credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, pre-paid cards and many other methods. There are actually more options on Royal Vegas Casino than we have seen anywhere else, including half a dozen that we have never heard of before. They have done their best to ensure that all players can deposit and withdraw through their system and they can guarantee that whatever your preferred method is, it will be available on Royal Vegas Casino.


Safety is another area in which Royal Vegas Casino is unbeatable. They are regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, the same licensee who oversee BetFair, Betway and others. They are also audited by eCOGRA, who run regular checks to ensure that the games on Royal Vegas Casino are as safe and as fair as they should be, and as Royal Vegas Casino claim them to be. In the event that you have an issue or a dispute with Royal Vegas Casino, you can also turn to eCOGRA, who will act on your behalf and provide the backing you need to take on the casino. Of course, such cases are rare and we have never heard of any taking place.

As for security, Royal Vegas Casino are certified by Entrust, the biggest name in secure banking. They use 128-but SSL security and they also encrypt everything, ensuring that in the unlikely event that your data is taken, the people who take it won’t be able to read it or do anything with it.