10 Mar

Don’t be Intimidated by Real Money Online Casino Games

Fear of Real Money Online Casino GamesI clearly remember the first time I tried to play real money online casino games. It was 11 years ago, and I wasn’t just hesitant. I was so afraid that something bad was going to happen, it took me two days to get from ‘Yes, I want to do this‘, to actually placing my first wager.

Gambling over the internet can be a very intimidating experience. There are so many variables to be considered. What if the site isn’t secure? What if the games aren’t fair? What if my identity and payment info gets stolen? And of course, what if I turn out to be a terrible gambler?

For me, my anxiety level was through the roof! After attempting to register an account two times, and always backing out before doing it, I decided to think it over. I asked myself why I was so worried, and decided to do some research first.

The first thing I learned was that reputable sites use the same security and encryption systems as government banks. I was already using online banking to pay my bills. If I trust this, I should be able to trust a distinguished gambling website.

That led me on a search for an operator with a ‘distinguished’ reputation. After a few hours of research, I decided on a site called Royal Vegas Casino. It had been around for 6 years, I could find no major complaints about it, and it had a vast selection of real money online casino games to choose from.

With heart pounding, I signed up my first internet gambling account. The feeling relief came immediately. I did it!

Then the website suggested I visit the banking page to make a deposit and play for real money. Again, my anxiety hit the roof as all the previous paranoia came flooding right back. What if… what if… what if???

To my pleasant surprise, it turned out I actually didn’t have to make a deposit to play. All of the games were available for free. I could use play money to practice any game I wanted and get a feel for it, free of risk, free of charge.

I spent the next few hours playing a few pokies, blackjack, and even craps, a game I had always been scared to death of at land-based casinos. Not only did this help to alleviate my fears, I finally learned how to play a game I always wanted to try, but never could bring myself to place a wager on for fear of embarrassment.

Finally, I was ready to take the leap. While I still had a twinge of trepidation, I felt more confident than I ever had before. Using my debit card, I made a deposit and went straight back to the craps tables, where I won $50.

My bankroll has had lots of ups and downs since then, but that’s the name of the game. It’s all about entertainment, anyway. Be responsible, do your research, and you don’t have to be intimidated by real money online casino games.

If you feel anything close to the way I did all those years ago, I highly recommend playing the free casino games before investing any money into it. And unless you’ve already found a reputable gambling website to sign up at, I also suggest playing at Royal Vegas. It’s now been 17 years since that website opened, and I still play there today, having had no bad experiences with deposits, withdrawals or customer support.