5 Dec

Fruit Fiesta Pokies – Fruity Slots Royal Vegas Casino

A fruit-themed pokie that was created by Microgaming and can be found on the best online casinos, including Royal Vegas, Fruit Fiesta is a fun and enticing game that has a lot to offer, but one that is not without its flaws.




Fruit Fiesta is a progressive pokie, but it is not one of the biggest you will find on Microgaming. However, whilst the smaller casinos tend to carry jackpots of no more than $20,000, the average on casinos like Royal Vegas regularly exceeds $100,000 and has been known to hit twice that amount.


The aesthetics are very basic and retro, and the RTP is also quite low, but the focus is on the progressive jackpot, so all of that tends to be ignored.




There is a set stake on Fruit Fiesta of $0.75, which means you can’t bet more and you can’t bet less. This is a very small amount when you consider that it will qualify you for the progressive jackpot, and that seems to be one of the main lures of this pokie.


Unlike the more popular progressives, Fruit Fiesta is not available on mobile devices and can only be played on the Microgaming desktop casino.


Bonus Rounds


There are no bonus rounds on Fruit Fiesta. This means that there are no free spins, no instant wins and nothing to deviate from the base game. The progressive jackpot takes the place of these rounds though. This begins at just $800, but is very rarely won at that amount and on the biggest casinos it takes no time at all to improve beyond $50,000.




The days of progressive pokies having no impressive features and using their jackpots as an excuse are long gone. Fruit Fiesta is a remnant of a dead era, and whilst it’s good to shoot for a tangible jackpot with a stake of less than $1, it’s still not enough to make this game standout from the crowd.