20 Oct

Pokies for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

The release of new technology into the market such as Samsung’s cutting-edge phone technology Samsung Galaxy, which is now offered with a bezel-free design known as S6 edge rises a number of concerns surrounding compatibility. The industry has rarely seen smartphones with borderless edges and many users are concerned whether content viewing is compromised. This is particularly true for the casino gambler in Australia who enjoys games such as pokies on new Android-based devices. In this article we will take a look to where you can turn for playing compatible pokies for the Samsung Galaxy S6 series including the edge smartphone in hope that it will ease some of the confusion.

The casino to turn to for this is Spin Palace. This reputable brand is the number one pokies provider in all of Australia and NZ, and has been the longest standing provider of Android-based casino games since OS’s inception into smartphones. Spin Palace also was the first to adopt screen-size compatibility for smartphones sized about 4 inches, gaining recognition among the Samsung smartphone user group as the friendliest brand in the market for real money playing.

Spin Palace has also formatted its games to include compatibility for devices with widths ranging from 1.5 inches to 30 inches in order to meet compatibility requirements for smart watches and smartphones all the way to various tablet sizes, notebooks and monitors. This means that regardless if a phone has a borderless design or not the screen will format content appropriately, including that for new and upcoming Samsung smartphones.

Borderless or bezel-free design in fact is used for aesthetic/practical purposes and typically does not affect the way content appears. If there are issues then this means the casino has not formatted its software content to stream across all sizes and therefore will most likely encounter issues regardless of who is using it. Spin Palace however anticipated this early on and worked with its developers to make software that is safe, fair and enjoyable.

This casino offers more than 400 pokies games and is also well known for its blackjack setup. All of the games offered are accessed through a downloaded app from the casino that is both quick to maneuver, as it is aesthetically pleasing to view. Samsung users can add their credit information for playing quickly and securely just as you would use smartphones for conducting other purchases or transactions with a smartphone.

What Makes Samsung Galaxy a Great Gambling Device?

We like the integration of Multi Window for performing multiple tasks without having to change windows completely like on iPhone. This means you can play a casino game or placing a bet while keeping up with real-time info such as casino developments or sports news.

We also like the fast charging and wireless charging options. High-performance pokies games from Spin Palace can eat away battery power but due to quick-charge features that can give players an extra 4 hours of play time from a 10-minute charge you do not need to worry about running dry. Wireless charging is also great if you are on the go.

Lastly, the 64-bit octa-core processor coupled with a QHD Super AMOLED screen means you see and experience pokies games more vividly and quicker than ever, which minimalizes quality and ensures experience.