24 Nov

Game of Thrones Pokies – Review of Aussie Game Pokies

Game of Thrones began as a series of books, but it became something much more than that. Often referred to as the adult Harry Potter, a reference that has more to do with its success and its conversion to the big screen than its content, Game of Thrones has a monopoly on the fantasy genre at the moment, and one that doesn’t look like it will fade anytime soon.

One of the most recent releases to carry the GoT name is the pokie, which was licensed and created by Microgaming. This is not a typical licensed slot as there are no images from the source content, no cop-outs at all. In fact, the Game of Thrones pokie is one of the best we have come across in recent months, and one that stands-up on its own merits.


Game of Thrones has its fair share of high paying symbols, many of which come in the form of faction symbols. There are also standard letters and numbers, although these don’t pay a great deal. Overall, the Game of Thrones slot advertises 243 ways to win, which you will see on many Microgaming slots, but this is not something you will actually notice. Wins are relatively frequent though, and if your luck is in and you land a wild or two, then those wins can be sizeable.

Bonus Rounds

The best bonus round on the Game of Thrones slot is a free spins round, one that comes in many forms. Once this round is triggered then you will be asked to select from one of four factions, all of which you will recognise from the books and the TV series. Which one you pick dictates how many free spins you will get and how big of a multiplier will accompany them. You can choose from 18 free spins with a 2x multiplier, all the way up to 8 free spins with a 5x multiplier. There are also two options in between these. All of them are balanced, designed to give about the same return each time. However, your return could be much bigger or much smaller depending on how that round turns out. There is no way of predicting this and you can only go from your past play. So, if you have been winning small amounts frequently, then opt for the majority free spins, if you have been winning big amounts infrequently, then go for the big multiplier.

There is also an instant win feature on this slot and a bonus round which takes you on a journey around the famous kingdom. However, nothing comes close to the free spins round, both in terms of fun and generosity.


Despite not being big fans of Game of Thrones (which can be punished by death in some circles) we loved this pokie. And what’s not to love? As well as a slick theme and some big payouts, there is a very impressive free spins round and some other features thrown in for good measure. Don’t be deterred just because you don’t like or haven’t seen the show, don’t turn your nose up at it just because fantasy isn’t your thing, because you’ll be missing out on a great game if you do.

Where to Play

The Game of Thrones pokie can be found on any Microgaming casino that updates its content on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to all of them and there are many casinos out there that stick with an outdated selection of pokies. Therefore, it’s always a good sign if a casino continues to update itself with the latest games, and if they have several hundred pokies to choose from.

One of the better ones, and one that definitely updates with the latest games, is Royal Vegas Casino. This online casino has been flying the flag for Microgaming for close to fifteen years, making it one of the longest running Microgaming casinos. Despite being based in Malta, it has a large number of Australian players on its books and also welcomes a large number of members from Canada, large parts of Asia and, of course, from Europe.