4 Nov

Reputable Australia High Limit Online Baccarat Brand

Whilst games like poker and blackjack tend to attract the most notoriety when it comes to high-stakes gambling, the biggest high rollers tend to lean more towards baccarat than anything else. There is a trend even amongst card sharps to devote their time, money and attention to this game of chance, so much so that Phil Ivey, the famous poker professional, once gambled hundreds of thousands on this game in a London card room, walking away with several million dollars that he never actually received (that’s a story for another day).

Baccarat attracts the biggest spenders because it is an easy game and one where the players can bet even money whilst also dropping occasional bets on much higher odds. It is very easy to learn and if you find the right online casino, you can play for any amount of money. So, just where is the best online casino to play this game for high limits?

High Limit Baccarat Online

Using the Microgaming software, Royal Vegas Casino is by far the best choice when it comes to baccarat. Not only do they have low limit games, where you can play for cents per hand, but they also have a high limit version. This uses the same layout and the same features, with both games using the “Punto Banco” variant of baccarat. Be prepared to spend as little as $10 per hand if you want to play on the high limit version. If this seems like peanuts to you, then you can go all of the way up to $5,000 for a single hand, making this one of highest limit games of baccarat you will find online. Of course, it’s not quite the millions that Ivey and Co. are used to playing with, but outside of the most exclusive London card rooms you will struggle to find those sort of stakes.

Of course, Microgaming have licensed their software to many different online casinos and all of these have baccarat, with many of them including the high limit version as well. However, it is everything else that sets Royal Vegas Casino apart, from the bonuses (discussed below) to the professional and responsive customer support, the compatibility and much more.

Royal Vegas Casino Benefits

The first major positive about Royal Vegas Casino that will strike you as soon as you visit the site, is the new member bonus. This offers up to 1,200 in whatever currency you use, which means that Australian members can secure $1,200 to play with, all of which is paid out over the course of your first three deposits, with most of the money coming on your first and third deposits. High rollers will have no issues unlocking every cent of this.

Once all of this has cleared then you will also be given 75 free spins, used on as many or as few of the pokies as you want. There are 500 of these pokies to choose from, so take your time in selecting and try and aim for the high value games, such as Mega Moolah and Cash Splash, where you can scoop several million dollars with a single spin. Don’t think that just because the spin is free that you won’t have a chance of winning either, because the game doesn’t care whether you are paying or not and will reward you or screw you the same either way.

One of the things that many Royal Vegas Casino players overlook is the fact that Royal Vegas Casino is part of the Fortune Lounge Group. This calls itself a “collective of trusted casinos” and is basically an allegiance of online gambling sites. As a player this means absolutely nothing to you. You don’t have to do anything extra and you don’t have to sign-up. However, you will be given an account by default as soon as you register at Royal Vegas Casino, and with that account you can unlock a number of bonuses, take part in a separate loyalty scheme (as well as the one offered by Royal Vegas Casino) and join in a number of free tournaments.

Royal Vegas Casino also offers a number of smaller promotions, so keep your eyes peeled and be sure to pay attention both to the Royal Vegas Casino promotions page and to Fortune Lounge Group, because the latter in particular is very easy to miss and with the amount of free money and big prizes they throw around, you definitely do not want to do that.

Royal Vegas Casino Banking

When it comes to large deposits your best bet is to use a high limit prepaid card, a debit card or a bank transfer, all of which are available on Royal Vegas Casino. There are very high limits on most of these methods and because there are dozens of banking options to choose from, including both deposit and withdrawals options, you’ll not be short of options in this regard.