27 Oct

High Limit Casino Action in Australia

High rollers don’t always have an easy time of things in online casinos. The majority of slots have maximum bets of less than $50 and you’d have to go a long way to find one that was more than $150. Whilst this is a lot of money to the average player, it is peanuts to someone looking to gamble thousands at a time. In offline casinos there are VIP rooms, where the best perks and the biggest high roller machines can be found, some of which take bets of thousands for a single spin. You rarely find such sections in online casinos, but there are some casinos out there that cater for this crowd more than others do, and in this article we’ll take a look at one of them.

High Limit Casino

The casino in question is Royal Vegas Casino. This casino has always focused on being as accessible to as many people as possible, and whilst appealing to players of all tastes from all countries and with all banking options, it also covers those who want to stake very little and those who want to stake a lot. The main benefits here, as discussed below, are the new member bonuses, the many promotions and the loyalty schemes, because whilst all of these offer some big freebies to low stake and medium stake players, they go the extra mile for high rollers.

Royal Vegas Casino — High Limit Games

The minimum bets on the high roller blackjack and roulette games are $5 and $10 respectively, which is at the upper-end for many gamblers. The maximum bets, however, are $1,000 per hand for blackjack and $5,000 per spin for roulette. The same goes for baccarat, the popular luck-based card game, which comes with a maximum bet of $5,000. This is a lot of money to risk in a single hand of cards or a single spin of a roulette wheel, but there are higher maximums elsewhere, with high roller versions of everything from craps and video poker to pokies and more.

Royal Vegas Casino Benefits

The new member bonus on Royal Vegas Casino rewards you with as much as $1,200 in free cash, and if you sign-up via the right links (such as the ones on this page) then you will also be given 75 free spins to use on whatever pokies you choose. This is one of the most impressive new member bonuses around, and whilst it is not the best we have seen, Royal Vegas Casino makes up for this in many other areas. One of this is its inclusion in the Fortune Lounge Group, which means that all members are able to take part in free pokies tournaments, blackjack tournament and more, winning everything from holidays to luxury cars. If you have never played in a pokies tournament then you don’t know what you’re missing. This is as good as it gets for fans of these games, as a little luck can land you a lot more than a few dollars.

Both Royal Vegas Casino and the Fortune Lounge Group also have a loyalty scheme, which means you can earn twice as much every time you play. The better of these two is the one on Fortune Lounge Group, because the same scheme works with all of the other sites they are affiliated with, including poker rooms and other gambling sites. This means that you can join and play on a number of sites, with every hand of cards, every sports bet and every spin of a pokie all counting towards the same loyalty scheme.

Royal Vegas Casino — Banking

High rollers tend to prefer different deposit methods to those staking a lot less money and they may also need to use different withdrawal methods. What’s more, you can guarantee that any high roller withdrawal will flag a warning with the casino, meaning that the player will need to prove their identity and their address before the withdrawal can go through. This is standard on all gambling sites though and is a method adopted in the last few years in order to stem the tide of identity theft whilst also limiting the amount of money that is laundered through untraceable web wallets.

Royal Vegas Casino has a huge number of banking options. These include many options that high rollers might want to avoid, including credit cards and debit cards. The former may initiate large fees and any withdrawals will only be available as credit, not cash, whereas no one with hundreds of thousands in the bank will want to expose their debit card details anywhere, even if the Royal Vegas Casino site is completely safe and secure. The same goes for prepaid cards and web wallets, because these generally do no facilitate such large amounts of money. Therefore, the best option may be to use a bank transfer, or even to get a one-time use debit card in order to make the deposit, filling that account with the money you intend to play with, and then initiating a wire or bank transfer when it comes time to withdraw your winnings. Of course, high rollers will have their own ways of doing things and if it has worked for you before, then there is no reason it won’t work for you again. Whatever your chosen method, it’s sure to be on the long list of banking options at Royal Vegas Casino.