6 Dec

Hitman Pokies Review – Video Game Slots

Hitman is a video game series that took a unique idea and ran with it, spawning one of the most successful game franchises in recent history, and one that has also been converted into two film adaptations of the same name. The Hitman pokie takes the aesthetics and the feel of the game and creates an experience that all fans of Codename 47 will enjoy. To try it our for yourself pay a visit to Spin Palace.




The aesthetic is simple on this pokie, based on the first game as opposed to the later ones (released on next-gen consoles) or the films. The many symbols are Codename 47’s weapons, which include knives, guns, poison and piano wire. The ones that pay the most are the symbols of Codename 47 himself, with 4,000x on offer.




There are 15 paylines on this pokie and these can be played for as little as $0.01, which means the lowest stake per spin is $0.15 and the maximum is $75. The game has a sizable jackpot of 800,000, which can be unlocked in the bonus rounds. There is no gamble feature, and Hitman is available on both desktop and mobile software.


Bonus Rounds


There are a few bonus rounds here. These include the Insignia Bonus, which is essentially an instant win feature; a free spins round, where the game’s jackpot can be won; and the Contract Bonus, which returns a sizable jackpot as well and is a lot more fun to play. The Contract Bonus is the only feature that takes place on a separate reel, with the aim of the game being to eliminate targets and collect payments.




As big fans of the video game, we were naturally drawn to this, but even then we’re still sure that non-fans will enjoy it, as there is enough to get all gamblers excited.