19 Sep

iPod Pokies – Casino Game Apps for iPod Touch and iPod Nano

Although Apple recently announced new products at its Sep 9, 2015 event in California that didn’t include iPod updates, the company nevertheless still incorporates iPod into its family of devices as indicated on Apple’s website. There are three iPod models Apple offers ranging in pricing, functions and specifications, but only one of them does not include touch screen features – the iPod Shuffle. This puts the current amount of iPod compatible devices for playing pokies as well as other casino games at two devices, both of which we list below in regards to the best suitable games in conjunction with the device’s performance.

The iPod Touch

Resembling that of an iPhone, the Touch is Apple’s large-size solution for consumers wanting similar features of iPhone 5 but without the phone bill every month. The device connects online via WiFi and the screen is sized over 4 inches in total, offering a multi-touch screen that is big enough and responsive for gaming. Typically, casino users of this device play slots due to its larger screen and quicker processing, allowing for real-life casino imagery to appear and at a fast processing rate. The Touch runs on iOS 8 and will be compatible for upgrade to iOS 9. Since slots are the best choice for this device in our opinion we recommend you check out Spin Palace where there are more than 500 games to choose. Spin Palace offers a great bonus worth $1,000 upon signing up and also offers a range of video poker games. Overall, the casino is one of the most widely used in Australia due to these factors coupled with its honest gaming software from Microgaming.

Other features worth mentioning are Siri and 8 hours of video playback. As indicated by Apple at its Sep 9 event, the company is trying to incorporate voice activation more into its products, which not only will extend from iPhone and iPad, but also into iTV and iPod. Pokies players can actually use this to their advantage by using voice commands to pull up sites and perform tasks such as reading slots reviews or updates on poker tournaments. We suspect that eventually you will be able to use Siri for commanding reels or card demands in games such as Blackjack.

iPad Nano

Yes, Nano users can also access casinos online via this device. Despite its 2.5-inch screen, this device is powerful enough to access and run games downloaded from the Internet. We think the games requiring higher performance should use other devices like a PC or smartphone, but Nano can certainly handle less performance-based graphics such as blackjack and keno. For this reason we recommend Royal Vegas, as this site is more known for its card games and alternative games, particularly for devices that do not have high RAM. The site also offers bingo games and runs Microgaming as well.

The Nano is the smallest multi-touch device on the market, and also happens to be one of the smallest in its size category. While it is primarily based around music listening and health related monitoring functions, the device is highly accessible for playing games. Nano’s small size and lighter weight also make it a great device for transporting it wherever you go. The device is also a great alternative for those who want to separate their casino playing from their personal phone.

iPod Shuffle

The Shuffle is only used for music and therefore cannot access pokies games online. The device itself cannot connect online for any function actually so this should be considered for playing any type of casino game.

iPod Developments

We suspect the iPod will stick around for years to come but will not be a focal point for any of Apple’s release events or update events. The devices still have a role in the Apple family, particularly as alternative gaming devices for children and adults. There are also elder generations who want to use modern smart device technology but not commit to data plans such as the ones associated with smartphones. Therefore, expect to see iPod lingering around the Apple website for a while longer but buried enough so that it does not draw attention way from Apple’s key lineup.