13 Jun

Asian Real Money Casino Sites flock to Isle of Man

Isle of Man Real Money Casino Licensee ExtraordinaireThe Isle of Man spans 220.9 square miles. The continent of Asia is 17.1 million square miles. It would take approximately 77,411 Isle of Man’s to match the size of Asia. So how is it this minuscule drop in the ocean has become so influential with the world’s most dominating land mass?

The answer is a world-class infrastructure for real mobile casino, poker and sports betting operations.

It’s simply amazing just how much technology has been stuffed into the offices of eGaming businesses on this otherwise majestic and unassuming island. They produce so much electricity, they can cover peak hour demands twice over, with another third-over constantly available via sub-sea cables. These guys are hard wired for ultimate power.

Not only that, Isle of Man has one of the most sophisticated telecommunications systems on the planet. This tiny, self-governing member of the British Crown, tucked neatly within the armpit of Ireland and Great Britain, is capable of sustaining massive quantities of internet traffic. The kind of traffic today’s major operators of real mobile casino games thrive on.

Isle of Man’s telecommunications network is designed to handle the complexities of eGaming business with ease and lightning fast response time, no matter the distance between business and customer. This high-speed system is managed by Manx Telecom, who boasts the ability to accommodate at least 200,000 players at any given time, and proudly boasts the facilitation of more than $10 billion in secure eGaming transactions each year.

Isle of Man Ancient CastleOh yes, there’s much more going on beyond the island’s rugged coastline and picturesque vision of rural bliss. Beyond the ancient castle walls and Celtic-Norse remnants of a bygone era, lies an infrastructure so technologically advanced, real mobile casino, poker and sportsbook operators are drawn like moths to a flame.

It’s not just the island’s superior capabilities to host such services that’s drawing in the masses. Like a few other sovereign dependencies of the British Crown—Alderney, Gibraltar and Guernsey come to mind—Isle of Man is an attractive tax haven for eGaming operations. The island’s gambling tax is generous, requiring only 0.1% to 1.5% duties, based on a company’s profit only, not turnover.

Victor Chandler Jr. set the trend for moving betting businesses offshore in 1998, when he moved the self-titled family business (now BetVictor) to Gibraltar to avoid exorbitant gambling taxes imposed by the UK government. Countless business have followed suit in the last two decades, keeping the Isle of Man’s Gambling Supervision Commission on its toes.

Established in 1962, the GSC currently hosts 36 operators of real mobile casino, poker and sports betting companies, regulating a total of 223 eGaming websites. Having facilitated operations for these websites accessing the world’s major internet gambling hubs—Australia, Canada, the UK and other parts of Europe—for years, Isle of Man is now attracting a number of Asian gaming operators as well.

Far East companies like 188bet, Babylon Gaming, Dafabet, Fun88, Galaxy Bet, Mayfly, Mimibet, SBOBET, and Xela have all established base operations in Isle of Man. These Asian operators aren’t just gaining the benefits of the island’s superior regulatory services and tax rates. They’re also gaining access to what some have termed the “financial heart of Europe”. From Isle of Man, they have the option of floating their business on the London Stock Exchange, or Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

Isle of Man is granting unparalleled opportunities for growth that will continue to see providers of Asian-facing real money casino, poker and sportsbook operations expand their services westward. Before lone, they could become as widely known as long-time members of the Isle of Man economy, like Microgmaing and PokerStars.