29 Jul

Legal Pokies Australia

If you have been involved with online casinos for any length of time, there is a good chance you have heard of scams, know someone who has been scammed or have even been scammed yourself. These “scams” don’t occur in the way that many people think, which is to say that fake online casinos are not created overnight as a front to steal your cash and your credit card information and give you nothing in return. Many of the “scam” sites actually begin as relatively legit, if somewhat lazy, operators.

The poker site Lock Poker is a prime example of this. It received a lot of custom following Black Friday, when poker players in the US were banned from the biggest sites and needed somewhere else to play. It did well, it had some pros behind it and whilst there were some niggles and some suspicions from the start, most things went okay. In fact, we even had a Lock Poker account in the early days and we had no issues.

Fast forward a few years and you would find a company that was struggling, one that didn’t really want to pay players their winnings, and one that decided they didn’t need to do such a thing. They turned bad overnight, from decent to terrible, and a lot of people lost a lot of cash. However, what happened to Lock Poker is a good example of why scam sites rarely succeed. This site lost its business in a heartbeat. If you Googled their name at that time you found nothing but posts complaining about them and saying they were a scam. The online gambling industry is tight and they like to warn their fellow gamblers, which means that scammers don’t get away with it for long.

Still, in those fleeting moments, they can cause a lot of damage. We have devoted a lot of time to discussing scam sites in other articles, so we’ll avoid doing so here. Rather, we will focus on the sites that are defiantly not scams. The sites that have been around for a long time and have never had a black mark against their names. There is one particular site that stands out above all others, one site that is deserved of your attention more than any other.

Royal Vegas

When it comes to trustworthy and established casinos, you’ll struggle to find anything better than Royal Vegas Casino. This has been around for many years, using the Microgaming software, offering the best bonuses, the best customer support and an array of banking options to ensure it remains as one of the best online casinos out there.


Royal Vegas Casino is a very safe site. It is regulated by the biggest regulator in Europe, and one that also oversees BetFair and BetWay, two of the biggest names in online gambling. Royal Vegas Casino is also certified by Entrust, using 128 bit SSL and advanced digital encryption technology. This will mean nothing to many of you, but basically it means that your details and your money is safe, and even in the unlikely event that someone gains access they won’t be able to decipher anything.

Perhaps the most important safety aspect of Royal Vegas Casino is the fact that it is audited by eCOGRA, who make sure their software is safe and their games are fair. They will also act on behalf of the players if they have any issues with the casino. Such occurrences are obviously very rare, but it pays to know that in the event of anything like that happening, you will be safe.


The minimum deposit amount on Royal Vegas Casino is just $5, which is the lowest minimum you will find, one that is matched by a handful of casinos, and bettered by none. You can deposit using everything from debit cards and credit cards, to bank transfers, web wallets and more. If you use Skrill, Neteller, Ukash or one of three other web wallets, you will also pickup an extra 10% in credits, which will be added to any other bonus you qualify for.


The bonuses are what will attract many players to Royal Vegas Casino, and what attracted us to the casino in the first place. The main bonus, and the one you will take advantage of as a new player, offers $1,200 in free cash, which is paid out over the course of your first three deposits. This begins with a 100% matched deposit bonus, followed by a 25% matched deposit bonus and a 50% one.

Royal Vegas Casino also has a fantastic loyalty scheme, and one that allows you to get a return on your gambling regardless of how much and how often you bet, although if you bet more then you will get more back. As a member of the Fortune Lounge Group, Royal Vegas Casino players can also take advantage of a number of other bonuses and promotions, all of which ensure it pays more to be a loyal member than it does to be a new one.