6 Aug

Online Casinos with Live Dealers in Australia

The online gambling industry is moving at an incredible rate, because as technology advances and as the popularity of gambling increases, this industry is being dragged along with it. These are exciting times for us and for our readers, exciting times for all gamblers, not to mention for the owners of the casinos. One of the latest advancements that has attracted a new wave of players to online casinos is Live Dealing, which combines offline casino gambling with online casino gambling and, as far as some are concerned, offers the best of both worlds.

There are groups of keen gamblers who want the live casino experience but don’t have the confidence or bank balance to play in a casino or are not located anywhere near a casino. There are also those who simply don’t have the time to waste a night at the casino, and want that experience in smaller and more digestible doses. Whatever their reasoning behind it, Live Dealer games are taking the online casino industry by storm, and in this article we will look at those games and at the best place to play them.

Royal Vegas Casino

Firstly, there is no doubt in our mind that when it comes to Live Dealer games, it is Royal Vegas Casino or nothing. There are other sites who have these games, but of the many out there, there are only two that are worthwhile, and the best of those two is Royal Vegas Casino. These games are new, so the software can be glitchy, there can be a lot of queues, the dealers can be sluggish and unenthusiastic, and many other issues can occur. With Royal Vegas Casino though, it runs smoothly, with minimal queues, dealers who are actually interested in what they are doing, and games that run without issue.

So, just what is this Live Dealer thing all about?

Royal Vegas Casino Live Dealing

The main games on the Live Dealer section are roulette and blackjack, but others are available and more and more are being added as the popularity grows. These games run just like the virtual ones, in the sense that you find your game, deposit your money, sit down at the table and make your bets.

The difference is that the table you see before you, as well as the roulette wheel and the dealer who stands behind it, are all real. The dealer does not see you of course and your bets are taken by a computer and processed in the same way that your virtual bets are. There is an algorithm that turns what it sees on the board into a virtual board, at which point it is able to instantly understand if you won or lost, and how much you won or lost.

This is still early days, but the Live Dealer games are getting better and more interesting all of the time. There are many dealers working in shifts and all are young and female. There are also options for bunny-eared dealers, where with a click of a button, you can work with dealers who look like they belong in the PlayBoy Mansion.

Royal Vegas Casino Other Games

Royal Vegas Casino uses the Microgaming software. This means that even away from the Live Dealer games, there is a lot going on. There are hundreds of slots and Microgaming also have one of the biggest selections of video poker games, virtual scratch cards and other electronic games. If you prefer your table games entirely virtual, then there are plenty of those as well, with craps, blackjack, baccarat, roulette and more games that are unique to the Microgaming software.

As for the highlights, our favourites on this software include the Dark Knight Rises slot machine game, the Mega Moolah progressive slot (purely because of the huge jackpot) and the multi-hand video poker games.

Royal Vegas Casino Perks and Bonuses

Royal Vegas Casino has some of the most generous bonuses around, which means you can pickup a nice chunk of free cash for your Live Dealer exploits. The new member bonuses offers up to $1,200 in free cash, which is paid out over the course of three matched deposit bonuses. There is also an extra 10% up for grabs if you deposit through 1 of 6 web wallets. What’s more, as members of the Fortune Lounge Group, all players at Royal Vegas Casino can join a number of tournaments and take advantage of a number of bonuses.

The Fortune Lounge Group also have their own loyalty scheme, and as there is also one of these offered by Royal Vegas Casino, you can effectively earn two lots of loyalty points and collect two lots of cash back from your play.

So get yourself signed up, pickup that bonus cash and enjoy yourself in the semi-virtual world of Live Dealer games.