11 Jul

Study reveals Luckiest Lottery Numbers of 2016-17

The probabilities of winning a major, multi-million dollar lottery may be slim, but a new study says they get better with these lucky lottery numbers.

Everyone hopes to pick the luckiest lottery numbers. Beating the ridiculous odds to come up with all the right numbers isn’t impossible. We see the joyful smiles of winners plastered on billboards all the time. They inspire us to keep buying tickets, even though deep down, most of us don’t believe we’ll ever win.

What if you had an inside track to choosing lucky lottery numbers? We’ve all heard of lottery strategies to increase your odds of winning, but chances are, if you’ve tried them, you know they don’t really work. They just cost you more money.

New Lottery Strategy?

Lucky Lottery NumbersNow there’s a new lottery strategy on the horizon, and it has to do with pure statistics. It revolves around a study conducted by Jackpot.com, a website that provides users with the opportunity to purchase lottery tickets for the largest lottery jackpot games from all around the world.

The research involved 15 major lotteries spanning Australia, Europe, North American and South America. They studied the results of more than 1,500 different lottery drawings over the last year. What they found is that there are definitely some luck lottery numbers out there. There are also some unlucky ones.

The global lotteries included in the study are:

  • Australian Lotteries

    • Australia Lotto

    • Australian Monday Lotto

    • Australian Wednesday Lotto

    • Australian Saturday Lotto

    • OZ Powerball

  • European Lotteries

    • EuroMillions

    • EuroJackpot

    • French Lotto

    • German Lotto

    • Irish Lotto

    • SuperEnalotto

    • UK Lotto

  • North American Lotteries

    • US MegaMillions

    • US Powerball.

  • South American Lotteries

    • Mega Sena

Luckiest Lottery Numbers

Jackpot.com observed all the lottery drawings from the top 15 lotteries in the world from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017. They found the following to be the six luckiest lottery numbers of all.

16: The number 16 was drawn more than any other number – a total of 191 times to be exact.

22: This is the second luckiest lottery number to be drawn in the last year, coming up in 179 drawings.

28 & 37: These two numbers tied for the third/fourth most fortunate numbers, drawn 167 times each.

6: This number came in a very close fifth place after appearing 166 times.

3: The last lucky lottery number on the top-picks list, this one was drawn in 164 lotteries.

One could feasibly determine—statistically speaking—that picking lucky lottery numbers means purchasing a ticket with 16, 22, 28, 37, 6 and 3. However, if your favorite lottery involves a Power Ball option, you would need to purchase six separate tickets, utilizing each of those number in the Power Ball spot.

Of course, the fact that these numbers appeared most often doesn’t mean purchasing such a ticket will guarantee a win. But if statistics hold true, it could at least increase your odds of claiming a jackpot.

Un-Lucky Lottery Numbers

Jackpot.com didn’t stop there, though. With the good comes the bad, and in this case, that means there’s going to be a few very unlucky lottery numbers as well. In the last year, these were the least drawn winning numbers.

18 was the worst of all, appearing just four times in the largest lotteries. The next worst numbers were 46, 40, 41, 32 and 36, each of which came up less than eight times.