4 Aug

Minimum Deposit Casinos AU

We all play with different budgets and what might seem like an insignificant and throwaway bet to one person, could be more than the next person can afford to bet in a week. This is why it is important to find a casino that understands these differences and caters for them, a casino that offers low minimum deposits, but also treats the people who meet those low thresholds just the same as the ones who deposit way above them.

In this article we will point out a casino that meets the needs of low depositors across Australia. This is an online casino that has been going for many years and is actually one of the biggest names in Australia. It is also one that treats all of its members equally, regardless of how much they deposit and regardless of how much they gamble.

The Lowest Minimum Deposit

Typically, online casinos base their lowest minimum deposit off of a standard rate in their country of origin. As many casinos are located in Europe and many of them do a lot of business in the United Kingdom, this base rate is often £10. There are also some European casinos using Euros and working on a 15 Euro minimum, which is roughly the equivalent of £10. When these casinos then open themselves up to Australians and to the Australian Dollar, the conversion usually means a minimum of $20. This might not sound like a lot to the majority of players, but to some, it is more than they can afford. Gambling reaches far and wide, from those with tight budgets to those with no budgets, and as the right way to gamble is to bet only what you can afford to lose, and not many people can afford to lose $20, this minimum is far too high.

Luckily, Royal Vegas Casino caters more directly for the Australian market. It is still based in Europe and it still has a lot of customers from Europe, but it also has an Australian site and it does a lot of business down here. Because of that, Royal Vegas Casino is able to offer what is the lowest minimum deposit you will find, at just $5. You might find a few casinos that offer the same amount, but they are very rare and you will not find lower, no matter how hard you look.

Royal Vegas Casino treats all players the same, whether they are depositing $5 or $5,000. This means that even if you deposit just $5, you can still take advantage of all of the bonuses and the other benefits that Royal Vegas Casino offers to its members, all of which have been discussed below. You can also use any one of dozens of methods to get this money into your account, from popular methods like PayPal, Amex, Visa and MasterCard (both credit cards and debit cards) to less popular methods such as Ukash, Click and Buy and a great deal more. We have never actually seen a wider choice of banking options in this regard and we don’t even recognize many of the options, which means that even if your preferred payment method is obscure, it’ll probably be available on Royal Vegas Casino.

Royal Vegas Casino Bonuses

The first deposit you will come across on the Royal Vegas Casino site is the new member bonus. This offers a huge $1,200 to all new players, and providing you join via the correct link (such as the ones available on this website) then you may also be able to pickup an extra 50 to 100 free spins which you can use on any of the 500+ pokies to build up your account balance. The new member bonus on Royal Vegas Casino is released over the course of your first three deposits and you can still take advantage of this even if you deposit $5 each time. If you do, then thanks to the 100%, 25% and 50% matched deposit bonuses, you will end up with a grand total of $23.75. If you deposit using one of six web wallets, including Skrill and Neteller (find the relevant section on the Royal Vegas Casino banking screen to learn more) you can get an extra 10%, which would push your bonus cash above the $25 mark. This won’t sound like much to a lot of players, but coming from three $5 deposits, it’s not bad, and you can deposit as much as you want.

That’s not all, as all new members of Royal Vegas Casino will be entered into their loyalty club, where regular play earns big points, which can then be converted into cash. The more you play and the more you bet, the more points and the more cash back you will get. There is also a loyalty scheme on the Fortune Lounge Group, which all members of Royal Vegas Casino will automatically become a part of. This trusted community of online casinos also offers an abundance of tournaments, bonuses and promotions for all of its members to take advantage of.