9 Nov

Get More Bang for your Buck on a Mobile Casino for Real Money

Mobile Casino for Real Money Boring on Flip PhoneIt’s been 13 years since the first mobile casino for real money was launched. We didn’t even have touch screens back then. No smart phones. No tablets. In those days, we had to give a casino operator our phone number so they could send us a game file via SMS. Most of us were still flipping open our phones to receive messages.

Obviously, the vast majority preferred to play on a desktop or laptop computer. Man, oh man, have times changed an awful lot since then!

Now we do everything on our smartphones and tablets. Heck, a lot of us rarely use a desktop computer anymore, unless it’s for work or hardcore gaming. Alongside a decade of advancements in technology, we’ve experienced a parallel shift in the evolution of internet gambling software. It has quite literally transformed our perception of the average mobile casino for real money.

Higher Compatibility Rate via HTML5

The most prolific change came by way of HTML5 optimization. By converting to a new mark-up language (the intricate back-end code that runs most of today’s websites), online gambling operators were able to deliver the exact same experience that desktop users were so fond of, to their mobile clientele.

Thanks to HTML5, it doesn’t matter anymore if your smartphone or tablet is powered by Android, Apple iOS, Windows, or any other operating system. So long as the device’s browser supports HTML5 (and all of today’s models do), players can access a mobile casino for real money and take advantage of the same great opportunities afforded to desktop users.

Which brings us to…

Infinitesimally Larger Game Variety

Mobile Games at Royal VegasI remember a few years ago researching the various mobile casino software brands to see who had the largest variety of games available. At one point, Microgaming was the leader with a grand total of 19.

Now, because players no longer have to download game files optimized for their particular OS, everyone is able to play the full variety of in-browser, Flash-powered games. And believe me, there’s a huge difference between having 19 games to choose from, and 190+.

More Bang For Your Buck

Last but not least, gambling enthusiasts can finally take advantage of a much wider range of promotions when playing at a mobile casino for real money.

Back in the day, when downloads were required and game variety was minimal, operators would present one small bonus for mobile players, just as an incentive to try it out. But the user had to log into the desktop casino to download the mobile client and claim the bonus.

They weren’t even that great. The majority were $10 no-deposit bonuses, and could only be used in the mobile platform. More often than not, they could never be withdrawn either, no matter how much a player might have won using them.

With such begrudgingly limited software capabilities, there was no opportunity to earn bigger promotions for being loyal to the mobile client either.

But again, times have changed. Technology is light-years ahead of where we were just a decade ago. Operators now have the ability to provide the same great promotions to one and all, from free spins on the pokies, to deposit and reload bonuses on every purchase, to omni-platform VIP loyalty rewards.

Mobile Gambling Set To Overtake Desktop

With all of these great advancements taking place over such a relatively short amount of time, it’s easy to understand why desktop gaming is on the verge of being dethroned by handheld devices.

We carry our smartphones and tablets with us everywhere we go these days. Even regular players who still use a desktop or laptop to log on and place wagers from home are likely to do some of their gaming on mobile when they’re out and about.

Last year, a report on Fortune revealed that the worldwide mobile gaming industry raked in $25 billion, representing a 43% increase in year over year revenue. That figure includes free, social gaming applications with in-app purchases, but it’s a clear indication of where the wagering industry is heading, as well.

A recent study by Kantar Sport GB showed that mobile gambling is finally outpacing the desktop variety. The results indicated that while 49% only use a desktop or laptop computer to gambling online, 51% now use a smartphone or tablet for some, if not all, of their interactive wagering.

For players, choosing to take their wagers to a mobile casino for real money has simply become the logical decision. As such, gambling on smartphone and tablets is finally jumping out ahead of its predecessor, and is on track to formally overtake the once-heavily favored desktop experience by leaps and bounds.