28 Nov

Multi-hand Blackjack in Australia for Real Money Playing

One of the most common variants of blackjack, particularly in the online setting, is multi-hand blackjack. This is not an actual variant as such, and instead it’s merely a feature that many other variants have. Of course, in Blackjack Switch, where you play two hands at once and can switch the top two cards from both, it is essential and it is part of the game, but in games like Double Exposure Blackjack, Pontoon, European Blackjack and other Microgaming titles, playing more than one hand is simply part of the game.


The game of blackjack is as big in Australia as it is elsewhere. It might not be the most popular way to gamble in this country — that accolade goes to pokies, which rule the gambling roost from New South Wales to Western Australia — but it is one of the most popular card games, and it becomes the most popular in the casino environment. Australia is a poker loving nation, but the simplicity of blackjack, and the fact that the games are so quick, means that more money is generated through this game then through poker.

Australians don’t always have the easiest time of it when it comes to offline gambling. Many games have been restricted here, paving the way for pokie domination. In many places the only way you can gamble is by heading to a casino or playing a pokie in a local pub. However, that changes in the online setting, where online gambling in all of its forms is legal and widely available.

Not all sites appeal to Australians, but this is by choice and it is not the result of any restrictions. The biggest and best sites do allow Australians to join though, including sites like Royal Vegas Casino, a Microgaming casino with a wide range of blackjack games that we will discuss in more detail soon.

Multi-Hand Blackjack Strategy

Basic Blackjack Strategy works just as well on multi-hand blackjack as it does on single hand blackjack. In fact, many players prefer this version, because after playing hundreds or thousands of hands in single-play formats, it is a relief to speed things up a bit and to inject some more excitement into the play as a result. Card counters also prefer multi-hand games as they can generate a more complex count and win more money, but card counting is not possible online, regardless of the variant you’re playing.

Basic Blackjack Strategy is a rulebook of moves that have the highest chance of returning a win. There are many intricacies to this, but some of the basic moves include paying more attention to the dealer’s hand than to your own; never taking insurance; always re-splitting aces; and always doubling down on tens.

Multi-Hand Blackjack Tips

If you follow Basic Blackjack Strategy then you are doing everything you can to gain the upper hand and win. However, when it comes to online blackjack there are a few other ways you can tip the balance in your favour. Firstly you should always look for the games with the lowest house edges, such as Double Exposure Blackjack, which is available on the Microgaming casino. There are many other games with low house edges as well, whereas games like Pontoon and Spanish 21 offer you a very small chance of winning in comparison.

You should also look for the sites that offer the biggest and best bonuses. That way you can play for free to begin with, which means that even if you end a session on even money, you’ll be in profit, as the money you lost was not your own, but the money you won was.

Where to Play

As mentioned above, one of the best places for Australians to play this game is on Royal Vegas Casino. Not only does it use the Microgaming software, which means it has the best choice of blackjack variants, but this is an experienced and trusted casino, one that has been around for close to 15 years. On top of that, Royal Vegas Casino also has some of the best bonuses around.