3 Aug

The Problem with New Themed Slot Machines

Why new slot machines with a popular theme are often the worst choice for gamblers.

Casinos love to put their newest slot machines right at the forefront. They display huge, fancy cabinets with recognizable themes, like The Ellen Show, Britney Spears, and Game of Thrones. Even online casinos feature their new and popular-themed slots at the top of the list, ensuring players will see and—hopefully—choose to play them.

We, as players, are often draw to them like moths to a flame. And who can blame us? We see our favorite TV star, musical artist or sci-fi series on the facade, and we are instantly encouraged to play. That recognition and familiarity automatically boosts our desire to put money in the machine, and adds to the overall entertainment value.

But that’s exactly what the new slot machine developers and casinos, both land-based and online, want you to do. When they invest so much money into a licensed, branded game, they have to make up that revenue somewhere. And you can be sure it’s the players that will foot the bill.

The Problem with New Slot Machines

New Slot Machines EllenNew slot machines with a popular, branded theme are almost always endowed with a lower return to player, or RTP. The RTP is the amount the machine is going to pay out, on average, compared to what it takes in.

A traditional slot machine that’s a few years old and has a generic theme, like sports for instance, might have an RTP of 91% (pays $91 for every $100 wagered over time). These new slot machines starring celebrities and hit movies or TV shows are more likely to have a lower RTP of maybe 87.5%. And if you’re playing in Las Vegas, it could actually be as low as 75%!

Even online casinos are doing it. Where the average RTP for online slots was once 97%, they’ve now dropped to about 94%-95%, thanks to all these new slots machines with famous names.

Most players never realize it, but this is the trade off for enjoying games with branded themes. We may be awarded a heightened level of entertainment, but at the same time, we’re faced with a lower RTP.

The end result is a bankroll that dwindles faster than it would on an older slot machine. Those with generic themes, like the beach, fantasy adventure, Asian culture, etc., will usually have better payouts.

Cheaper Slots, Cheaper Payouts

Cheaper slots machines, often referred to as penny slots, are generally a bad idea too. They say it takes money to make money, and that’s just as true when it comes to these new slot machines with $0.01 paylines.

I’m certainly not saying you should spend $20 a spin. But penny slots are notorious for scalping your bankroll with low returns. And developers of new slot machines often infuse games with lots of paylines to ensure that, at $0.01 per play, you’re still spending $0.20 to $0.40 or more per spin.

Classic Slots Are The Best Choice

You know those old, classic 3-reel slots, often depicting 7s, cherries and bars? Yeah those, with the typical $1 per play signage on top. Most often, they are the best paying slot machines in the casino.

They may cost a little more to play, but remember, you’re paying a set amount for the spin, not a multitude of coins for more paylines your eyes can even keep up with. And the RTPs can be the highest you’ll find in any land-based or online casino – way better than these new slot machines will ever be.