15 Oct

Safe Online Gambling Hubs in New South Wales for Money

There are many questions concerning legality of online gambling in New South Wales. This area in Australia is in fact is home to some of the world’s largest gamblers in the lottery segment, accounting for nearly 50% of gambling revenues collected. Ironically, this is the largest segment of gambling that is sponsored in accordance with the Australian government and local laws, showing that gambling is something taken very noticeably in this area of Australia.

Online casinos are legal in New South Wales and laws pertaining to local citizens are no different compared with other parts of Australia. The Australian government allows Aussies to gamble from international vendors that act in accordance with online casino standards set by the Gaming Commission of Malta. Casinos falling under this category include Spin Palace and Royal Vegas, both of which also happen to provide the best pokies and overall casino setups in the industry.

The laws in New South Wales really haven’t changed much over the years in terms of online developments but there have been slight changes to land-based casino laws that vendors/pubs need to follow. According to new guidelines set by the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing, pubs will have to back off on promoting gambling events associated with rewards related to alcohol as well as other incentives that revolve around sobriety issues. The idea is to get citizens thinking clearer for their gambling decisions and acting more rational, although we have to admit we are not sure how much this will have an effect. Nevertheless, players are not held responsible for this and can choose to gamble while under the influence if they choose both at online platforms and at land-based facilities.

Different regions of Australia have argued for and against increased regulation for online gambling, but this is mainly built around whether Australia should allow for its own online platforms to exist. Currently, all of the online casinos or sports betting sites that are legitimate for Aussies to bet or play at are based outside of Australia in order to meet local law requirements. The government does not stand against these establishments existing but believe they should not be an integral part of Australia’s economy even though Aussies are some of the biggest gamblers in the world. Most likely there is some outside influence from land-based facilities in this regard but it isn’t our job to speculate on rumors.

Local citizens do not have to worry about differentiating tax laws or other legality issues when it comes to online casino platforms. While each region of Australia might slightly differ in the amount of casinos allowed or have different opinions on the guidelines pubs need to set for land-based playing there is only one standard for online playing, which is that locals do not pay taxes nor are subject to financial or legal ramifications for participating in online casino activity. The Australian government views online gambling much like it does when a casino player travels abroad and wins at a slot machine. Winnings from such activity are not considered income and are from an international source in which the casino hubs take responsibility for relevant taxes etc. There is no burden put onto players for winning at a game of chance, and Australia as a whole does not bother attempting to regulate this.

It is quite a pity New South Wales does not take on a different approach to online gambling. The area could easily allow for some type of specialized licensing to reputable vendors in which they could be regulated and taxed under local law. The money could be put toward local facilities and education among other things and allow for the standard of living to increase. Allowing these revenues to escape to other areas of the world seems a bit foolish but that is the way it is set up. So, for now if you are a local know that you are safe in all regards and can play at real money casinos online in 2015 going into 2016.