25 Aug

Oculus Rift Casino – How Oculus Gear VR is Shaping Future Gambling

The new Oculus Gear VR that set to release in the first quarter of 2016 will bring the revolutionary Oculus Rift family in addition to the online gaming world a whole new realm of possibilities. The device, which connects Samsung smartphone devices including the Galaxy S and Galaxy S Edge into a port located on the viewing screen of the Gear VR, will allow for gamers to view and play the games accessed in their Samsung smartphone in real time with minimal latency, and do so with state-of-the-art graphics and controllers.

Oculus paired up with Samsung for this device to expand its presence in the market, allowing for users to access third-party games either through apps or on the Internet. By simply opening the screen on one’s Samsung compatible smartphone and choosing the desired game or viewing platform of choice, players can then set the device on the Oculus VR Gear and begin playing games in virtual reality. Whether it is a car racing game, a fighting game, or even online casino games such as blackjack or pokies, the options will be limitless.

In terms of compatible casinos for Samsung devices your best bet is to choose Platinum Play or Royal Vegas. Both of these casinos are Samsung friendly and have high-resolution standards that are also moving toward 4K and later even 8K, which Oculus is expected to also pursue in its new devices. Oculus also has a customized controller that allows players fast control times, which will work with these two casinos as well. Both of these casinos are played for real money and have low deposit options that are safe and secure, making them our top recommendations for the serious casino player who wants to make the most of their online gambling experience.

Oculus also has developed technology called Oculus Touch, which is a pair of smart controllers that allow for gesture-based movements to be controlled in real time, also with low latency. This peripheral is used for more interactive games such as fighting but can also be used for casino playing. Currently, we have not been able to test this with real money online casinos such as Royal Vegas but have been told the playing methods and experience are even better since you can use your virtual hands to play reels and move cards around in games of blackjack and poker.

In fact, if you want to see how this is done on another platform and take a shot at practicing without real money you can check out a game called RiftSino. Released in 2014, this game offers virtual reality casino playing through an Oculus compatible app that can be accessed directly through the device and free of charge. In the demo featured in this video, you can see a player waling into a casino and playing with a live dealer who issues cards and trades chips. The player also gets to control the amount it wagers and the coins it deposits in slots machines. The experience is unlike anything we have seen and takes mobile casino playing to a whole other level.

Oculus is also developing its DK2, a new development kit that will allow developers to create their own games for related devices. As this trend grows, we expect to see online casinos bump up efforts to make even more new and exciting games that are compatible with ongoing Oculus devices, bringing a whole new experience to the online casino and gaming world as a whole. The year 2016 will be the first year this trend really takes off and we expect it to burst into the market in 2017 when advanced technologies featuring technology such as OLED and Quantum Dot drop in pricing, bringing about cheaper costs for new devices to emerge and react to the virtual world gaming growth.

Overall, Oculus be able to highly expand its business model through undertaking this sort of cooperation with Samsung, and the gaming industry will see an uplift in users and revenues, as this new device will prompt gamers both new and old to partake in new diversified gaming options and possibilities. The online casino industry is but one that will benefit from this kind of a device, and at the same time brings Oculus brand value. We are really excited about these upcoming trends and believe the future for both Oculus and the pokies world is looking increasingly promising.