7 Mar

Why every gambler should Play Craps Online

Play Craps OnlineOnline craps may not be among the most popular variety of gambling amusements overall, but for those who truly understand the game’s amazing odds, there’s nothing better. You don’t have to be a mathematical wizard to win when you play craps online. You just have to know what bets to place, and when to place them.

The first thing you need to understand is that online craps, just like any other casino game, has a house edge. Over the long term, that edge is most likely to whittle away at your bankroll. The key to winning at craps is taking advantage of the right wagers, and collecting short term profits as they come.

There is no real skill that can be applied here. In a live setting, you can take on the roll of the shooter. Some say there is a skill factor in rolling the dice, holding them and throwing them in a certain manner. But knowing whether your table’s shooter has any real skill is a whole other matter.

Controlling the dice yourself offers little advantage if you’re not a pro. Besides, the most rewarding wagers actually come from betting against the shooter. If you roll the dice, and wager against yourself, you can expect some very nasty reactions from the bettors around you!

Play Craps Online the Smart Way

The most important reason to play craps online is that it gives you the opportunity to choose your own odds. Different craps tables come with a wide variety of odds, ranging from 1x up to 100x. Your first job is to find an online craps game with 100x odds, as the house edge can be greatly reduced.

Most land-based casinos offers odds of 3x, 4x or 5x. Unless you happen to be lucky enough to live next to a rare establishment presenting 100x odds, online craps is the only way to go.

This chart shows the house edge for the most basic Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line wagers with variable odds in play.


House Edge

Pass Line

Don’t Pass Line
















The first thing we take away from the above diagram is that clearly, 100x odds offer the best house edge for online craps players. Of course, the odds will always favor the house. Otherwise, craps games wouldn’t be available in every live and online casino on the planet.

Secondly, you should note that the Don’t Pass Line has a higher rate of winning than the Pass Line. The difference is slim, but players should always take hold of every possible advantage they can get, no matter how minuscule it may seem.

Playing The Odds

The Line bets offer the greatest chance of winning, with the Don’t Pass Line being preferable to the Pass Line. To maximize the profit potential, you need to play the corresponding odds. Of course, it’s still possible to lose, but your chances are better, and your profits are much higher when you do win.

The key is to manage your money properly. If you buy into a $5 minimum online craps game with $100, start by placing $5 on the Don’t Pass Line. Keep this up until you have reached $120. Now place $5 on the Line, and another $5 on the Odds (give or take $1-$2 for making proper odds).

If you win the bet, keep the original $10 you placed in bets, then use the profit to continue playing.

Once you’ve maxed out the odds, increase your Line/Odds bets accordingly. If you lose at any time, start back over with $5 minimum Line/Odds bets.

Use this strategy to minimize losses to your original buy-in bankroll, and maximize your profit potential every time you play craps online.