14 Oct

Is PayPal Accepted at AU Online Casinos?

PayPal is the most widely used e-payment method on the planet. With nearly 170 million registrants and about US$240 million in payment volume as of 2014, most online vendors and services accept the payment method due to its fast transaction services that are also secure.

In Australia, we love using PayPal for booking tickets, sending payments and even for playing popular casino games such as pokies. The payment system is used in every corner Down Under and therefore it is natural for Aussies to assume that we can use PayPal for safely withdrawing and depositing casino funding. However, many players interested in games such as pokies are confused about PayPal acceptance at online pokies hubs since many do not accept the payment form. In this article we will look at what online casino does accept PayPal and why the service is absent at others.

Spin Palace is currently the only casino accepting PayPal from Australian citizens at its online casino. Over the last decade this casino has been the only platform to maintain a stable relationship with PayPal in Australia while other casinos such as Jackpot City and Royal Vegas have changed their policies several times. The reason in differentiating policies largely has to due with casinos’ internal policies coupled with PayPal developments in Australia. Prior to 2010 PayPal was widely accepted at all online casinos but then rejected gambling services. Spin Palace however was one of the few casinos to petition the company, stating the transactions were used for regulated casino gambling and hence needed to be allowed. Due to these efforts Spin Palace regained PayPal status and has since been one of the leading casinos for providing such services.

There are some fluctuations in Spin Palace’s terms of services regarding PayPal. Sometimes the casino only allows for deposits to be made and not withdraws. Frankly speaking in order to understand the details to why this situation exists is complex but in short this most likely reflects other e-wallet payment services in that players attempting to receive winnings in large amounts may exceed the mass payment limit PayPal offers. Mass payments typically range in the US$5,000-10,000 category so for the casino player attempting to withdraw earnings this may be problematic. Hence, casinos recommend you use an e-wallet to make the deposits of your choice and if the winnings exceed a certain amount you should perform a direct bank transfer.

Using PayPal for gambling is legal and withdrawing your winnings into your bank account is legal. Most likely online casinos are attempting to avoid complications in deposit/withdraw standards and prefer to work with credit channels that do not discriminate based on the dollar amount. Online casinos such as Spin Palace are not attempting to trick anyone, rather aim to uphold a certain business standard for the sake of its image, convenience and player experience.

Aussie players can use PayPal for any sort of pokies games at Spin Palace as well as at the site’s other casino games, which range from blackjack, video poker and live casino setup. New signups at the casino get $1,000 in credit that is issued at the casino if they use PayPal or another payment service, and e-payments for PayPal winnings can come within a day provided the amount falls in regulation.

PayPal is an expedient service for gambling and there are no legal ramifications for Aussies to use it at casino hubs. If players want to make sure they can feel free to contact Spin Palace through their customer service that operates 24/7 in which you should receive an answer right away along with alternative solutions that will ensure your pokies experience will be smooth and enjoyable.