24 Aug

Pokies Developments in Australia

As I’m sure you’re aware, slot machines are huge in Australia. In fact, Australians gamble much more than any other nationality, losing around $1,400 per person per year (which is more than 3x the tenth biggest gambling country, Spain) and the majority of that money goes on pokies. Despite the fact that Las Vegas and Macau are seen as the biggest hot spots for slot machines, 1 out of every 5 of the world’s slot machines can be found in Australia. This is even more impressive when you consider that Western Australia, one of the largest areas in the country, has tight restrictions on them and therefore has a very small number.


With so many pokies in Australia, it is no surprise that the biggest developers in this industry see Australia as one of their biggest customers. Las Vegas may get the latest slots, but more or less as soon as they hit the Las Vegas Strip, they land on these shores as well.


With that in mind, what are the biggest pokies to be released in recent weeks, and which ones can we expect to see in the next few weeks?


The Summer of TV Shows


The summer of 2015 seems to be the summer of the game show pokie. Films have always been a popular theme for slot machines, and in the last year or so, as pop culture has witnessed some go the biggest and most critically acclaimed TV shows of the last few decades, it seems that focus has switched. In the summer of 2015, there are at least a dozen slots being released based on your favorite TV shows.


These include a new release of Game of Thrones, following on from a previous pokie that allowed fans of this epic fantasy to get their fix in the casino. It also includes Duck Dynasty, which is somewhat less popular and a little more controversial, but still has a large following. In what is perhaps one of the most surprising releases, game show Goddess Ellen is also getting her own pokie.


This is going to be an offline-only slot and one that will feature a huge 47 inch screen, which lets you see the lovable Ellen like you have never seen her before. Pokie and TV fans looking for a shot of nostalgia can look forward to the release of the Friends pokie, which is based on the biggest hit of the naughties, whilst those looking for a modern comedy release will enjoy The Big Bang Theory slot. Released by Aristocrat Gaming, this will allow us to see Sheldon and Co. like we have never seen them before, with some interesting bonus rounds and features, as well as huge display screen that features a 4k resolution.


Other pokies based on TV shows that will be hitting a casino near you include The Flintstones, Mad Men and Sons of Anarchy.




If the release of an Ellen slot seemed strange to you, then the Britney slot, which is based on the pop star Britney Spears, will probably seem stranger. This will showcase some of Britney’s best moves and songs, with multipliers, free spins and a bonus round. Britney is not the only pop-star to be getting her own pokie, as the legendary eccentric rocker Elton John is also going to feature in his own slot machine game.


This one will be created by leading developer WMS, who have been given a license to use the Rocket Man’s image and partial discography. Some of the songs to feature in this slot include Saturday Night’s All Right for Fighting and I’m Still Standing, whilst the bonus round will be called the Rocket Man round, where players can spin a wheel of fortune.


Just Dont Get Them Wet


One of the pokies that caught our attention the most was Gremlins, which WMS set their sights on. This is a classic film and one that defined a generation, so it should be interesting to see how this one plays out. We have yet to get our hands on it, but we have seen a few previews and we have been told that it uses advanced 3D animations that fans of the film will be pleased with. There are also a number of clips from the Gremlins film, as well as sound bytes and more. In that sense it is reminiscent of the Ghostbusters pokies and the Ruby Slippers pokie, which was based on The Wizard of Oz film and is one of our favorite online slots currently available.


Either way, this should be a very exciting pokie, as should the others listed in this article. If you get a chance to play any of them, let feel free to report back to us and let us know your thoughts.