2 Sep

Poli Pokies AU

Poli Payments launched as a way to make online debits easier. It had a lot of competition to go against, but it was successful in its bid to become the most popular way for Australians to make online debits. Poli is widely used throughout Australia, but there are very few foreign sites catering to Australians that have even heard of it. Still, such sites do exist, as we shall discover.

What is Poli?

Based in Melbourne and available to players in New Zealand and Australia, Poli Payments was founded back in 2006 and prides itself on being Australia’s premier online debit payment provider. Although practically unheard of around the world, in Australia Poli has a huge following and is popular on e-commerce sites and on online gambling sites.

Poli is a safe, simple and effortless way to make payments online, which is why it is so favored when it comes to online gambling. You can not initiate withdrawals using Poli, but you can certainly use it to get money into a gambling account, and if you have any winnings to withdraw then you can use another method.

Payments through Poli are made through you browser (compatible with Mac, Windows and other operating systems) and it does not require the use of a credit card or debit card. You can top-up your Poli as you would top-up a phone or an electricity meter, and there are a number of other ways that you can get money into your Poli account and then into an online gambling account, including via a mobile app.

Online Casinos that Accept Poli

Unfortunately, not many online gambling sites accepts Poli. This is because most of these sites are based outside of Australia and New Zealand, and therefore don’t understand how widespread this service is. However, there are a few, and one of our most recommended sites for Aussie pokie fans is one of them.

Royal Vegas Casino has actually been around for several years longer than Poli, and as far as Aussie casino gamblers are concerned, it is just as important. Royal Vegas Casino is based in Europe — regulated in Malta by the same regulator that oversees some of the biggest gambling sites in the world — but it is available to all players in New Zealand and Australia. One of the many benefits of Royal Vegas Casino is that it tries to be as compatible as possible.

This means that as well as being open to players all over the world, its software can also be played on any desktop and mobile operating system, and it has an endless list of payment options. These include all of the usual methods, such as credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers, as well as prepaid cards, eChecks, web wallets and more. Poli is one of these methods, open to players in Australia and New Zealand.

Royal Vegas Casino Benefits

So what does Royal Vegas Casino offer that other online casinos don’t? Well, for one thing the customer support is second to none. We have never had any issues with them and the vast majority of customers report that they have been nothing but friendly and professional at all times. They are also very quick to respond to any questions or issues that you have and are not averse to offering a free bet or two when they feel they have negatively effected your enjoyment of their service. This is something that we feel all online gambling sites should offer, but unfortunately it is something we only experience with a handful of them.

Royal Vegas Casino also has one of the biggest new member bonuses around, offering a matched deposit bonus up to $1,200. This is actually paid out over your fist three deposits, which is a huge positive for players who have no intention of depositing anything close to $1,000 in a single deposit. There is a 100% matched deposit bonus of up to $250 on the first deposit, before a 25% and then a 50% matched deposit bonus on the second and third. You can deposit how and when you want, and you don’t have to play through your first bonus before you can collect your second bonus.

You will need to play through your bonus cash before you can make a withdrawal though, but this is common across all sites and is there to stop people making an immediate withdrawal and effectively doubling their money without making a single bet. From time to time there are also free spins offered in addition to the new member bonus. These range from 50 to 100, but this bonus is not constantly available, so if you see it then you should take advantage of it before it disappears.