9 Aug

Practice Play Pokies – Play Casinos Without Real Money

There is a new trend coming out of the gambling community whereby players are seeking to get their gambling fix without risking any money. If you want all the thrills of online gambling, including the excitement of tossing chips at the blackjack and poker tables, and the adrenaline-pumping moments of reaching the bonus rounds in pokies, but you don’t want to risk any money, then there are still some options available to you. The majority of casinos will give you a new member bonus and will let you play a few games for fun, but these games require a deposit and do not let you play for free.

That does not apply to all of them though and there is one major online gambling destination that lets you play through an array of pokies for free. What’s more, there are hundreds of pokies to choose from, as we shall discover.


Described as the largest gambling community in the world, and not without reason, BetFair is based in the United Kingdom but it is available around the world. It began as a betting exchange and there are many millions of members who signed up this way, but those members now have access to all other areas of the BetFair gambling community, including the BetFair Arcade, where all of the pokies can be found.

BetFair is actually one of the biggest gambling sites in Australia. This is where Zeljko Ranogajec, the biggest gamblers in the country and the world, applies his trade. It has been said that the bets of Zeljko count for more than a third of all the bets on BetFair in Australia, which is no small feat when you consider that this is a country that loves to gamble on the BetFair site.

BetFair Arcade

If you already have a BetFair account, which many gamblers do, then you can play on the BetFair Arcade for free. If not, you should be able to signup to BetFair without depositing. You can also access the BetFair Arcade directly without being a member, at which point you will be able to play their pokies for free and without risking any real money. Simply click on your chosen game and when it opens, select “Play for Fun” as opposed to “Play for Real”. All of the games on the BetFair Arcade are accessed through the site itself and there is no software to download. There is a mobile app though and this will allow you to play the many BetFair Arcade games on your smartphone or your tablet, with compatibility for many different mobile operating systems.

BetFair Arcade is home to some great games from many different developers, which means it is a great place to try these out before you play for real money elsewhere (or on the BetFair site, if you like what you see). Some of the best games include the many BetFair Reactors variants, which are based on Chain Reactors and have been given a BetFair tweak. This includes the BetFair Reactors 100, which is like the standard Reactors game, but much bigger and with a progressive jackpot as well, and the BetFair Reactors Super Trails pokie, which comes with three different bonus rounds and one progressive jackpot. The latter of these is by far our favorite BetFair Reactors game and it is also the most popular. Obviously, it’s much better when played for real money, but you can still enjoy it when playing for fun.

The Monopoly games, of which there are many, are also available on the BetFair Arcade, as is Miss White, which was created as a sequel to the Miss Red game and contains the popular expanding symbol feature.

Other top games include the Doctor Frantic: Monster Spins pokie, which includes a number of unique features, and Gonzo’s Quest. There are also stacks of progressive slots on BetFair Arcade, but obviously you won’t be able to trigger these until you deposit some money and play for real.


One of the things that makes BetFair Arcade so special is that it uses the Microgaming software, which is the best place to play slots, with hundreds of them available across many different categories. Not so long ago, BetFair Arcade signed a deal with Microgaming Quickfire, which allowed them to offer newer and better games. This is why BetFair Arcade seems a little different to other Microgaming casinos and why it offers a little more. Quickfire creates some amazing games, including a number of mobile games, and this partnership ensured that the best games would be available on the BetFair Arcade as soon as they were released.

This is why many unique games such as Monopoly Big Event and Natural Powers, are hard to find on other Microgaming casinos but are available on the BetFair Arcade.