The information on this page concerns the privacy of Real Money Gambling and its users.

Your Information

At Real Money Gambling we value the privacy of our readers and will strive to make sure that all of the information we collect remains safe and secure at all times. At no point will it be sold, leased, traded or given-away to a third party. No one but Real Money Gambling will see your information, and in the event that we hold onto it, it will be retained safely on our servers.

What we Ask For

At Real Money Gambling we are a content site. We do not sell a product or a service, which means that the instances that we ask for your personal information are rare, whilst we will never ask for your financial information.

The information we may receive from you include:

  • Contact Forms: If you use one of our contact forms then we will request your name and your email address. This is purely so that we can personalise a response to your message, should one be needed, and so we know where to send that response.
  • Newsletters: We may also request your name and your email address if we ever create a newsletter. If so, you will never be added to it without your direct consent, often via a subscription form. We do not like to trick our readers into subscriptions that they do not want. No one wins that way. So you will also know about it if you give us such details and request a newsletter from us. In these instances your information will be retained so we can send you periodic emails.
  • Competitions: In the event that we run a competition, we will ask for personal information such as an email address, name and maybe a home address or phone number, depending on the nature of the competition. This is purely so we can send you a prize if you win, assuming you even enter.
  • Analytics: As with the majority of content websites, and any other websites for that matter, we use analytic software. This lets us know who is using our website and what they do when they arrive. There is no way of linking any of this information to an individual and the only things we will be able to see are the rough geolocations of our users, which pages they visit, which browsers they use and other such information.

How we Keep your Information Secure

Most of the time, as discussed above, we keep your information secure by simply not asking for it. However, in the event that we do, we will ensure that it remains safe and secure at all times. If we no longer have a use for your details, they will be deleted.

At no point will your information be shared with a third-party. We will not sell, lease, trade or give them away. We are not in the business of deceiving our customers and are out to write and publish content only.


Cookies are small files that are created on your computer as soon as you visit a website for the first time. These files are small and do not slow your computer down in any way, nor do they create any sort of security risk. Cookies are generally perceived to improve the user experience of websites, particularly content websites such as Real Money Gambling. This is why we use them. Of course, if you, as a user of Real Money Gambling, do not want us to use cookies, then please get in touch and let us know. We use these files because we think our customers would prefer it and will stop using them if that is not the case.


Real Money Gambling is an affiliate website, which means that we make money by linking to other sites. These sites are all trusted and recommended by us, and at no point do we affiliate with a site that we have not enjoyed using ourselves. Still, despite this, we have no direct involvement with these sites and can therefore accept no responsibility as a result of what happens to the members who click onto these sites from Real Money Gambling.

Also, bear in mind that this privacy policy only relates to Real Money Gambling and if you click onto one of these affiliates then you should seek out their privacy policy.

Consent and Changes

By reading these terms and continuing to use the Real Money Gambling website, you are agreeing to them. If that is not the case then you are advised to close this website down immediately. In the event that we make any changes to these terms, we are entitled to change this page immediately, without informing our readers in advance. In the event that we can inform our readers in advance then we will, but such a chance is rare and in the cases when it is not possible the changes will simply be made. If that happens and you continue to use the Real Money Gambling page, then you are agreeing to all of the changes made. If you do not, again, please close the Real Money Gambling website down.

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