16 Oct

What Brisbane Locals Need to Know About Queensland Gambling Laws

As of 2015 there really has not been any change in Queensland online gambling laws. There were some media reports stating the Australia government would review offshore wagering sites that perhaps were conducting illegal practices related to casino gaming and sports betting, but this is currently under development and therefore not affecting local Aussies. This means the since the early 2000s online gambling in Queensland including Brisbane and surrounding cities is legal and can be accessed for real money.

Even if the review were to undergo thorough investigation and weed out all the scam sites on the Internet, the government in all reality would not find much evidence the online industry wasn’t already aware of, as scam casino sites are highly cited and reviewed among many platforms including here at Real Money Gambling. The government instead would in fact give online hubs a stamp of approval, which could leave players to feel even more confident while accessing casinos online. Therefore, it may be in the Australian government’s best interest to keep a low profile on such investigations if it wants to prevent excessive gambling.

Queensland is home to some of the biggest online gamblers in Australia and local laws are currently mostly centered around land-based operations while the central government develops online regulation. There is speculation that each state will pursue its own localized gambling laws for online hubs just as it does for each state in terms of land-based operations since there are many differentiating results in terms of vendor operations/guidelines. However, due to the mixture and movement of citizens across state borders this is almost impossible to manage as the USA has found, and Australia aims to have a centralized system that remains the standard for all of its citizens.

Choosing a Casino

Certified sites such as Spin Palace fall under gambling authority standards including laws set by the International Gaming Commission in Malta. Australia jurisdiction also approves of the standards of such sites that can be played for real money without any legal ramifications. In fact, Spin Palace winnings or other earnings from online gambling hubs such as Royal Vegas are also not taxed, allowing for some locals in places such as Brisbane to bank off money that could in fact match or succeed one’s normal income. The casinos have a long history with Aussie players and are 100% legal for Australians to play throughout the entire continent based on law and standards set by the central government.

Are Spin Palace and Royal Vegas Fair?

With over 15 years of gambling presence in the market coupled with credibility, high payouts and honest casino gaming software from Microgaming, there is not much to question in terms of legitimacy. These casinos in fact have 96% payouts, which are larger than land-based casinos’ 80%, so it is no wonder why so many Aussies and other gamblers across the world are moving toward these platforms. For the pokies player we recommend Spin Palace while for other casino games Royal Vegas has an overall better selection.

Trends to Keep an Eye On

The Abbott Government is expected to crack down on gambling as we mentioned but it will be interesting to see if it loosens restrictions preventing Aussie hubs from developing online. New developments could potentially spur an entire new industry built around gambling that would support economic growth but this remains to be seen. We also think there may be some chance that discussion over local taxation from gambling may occur but this is most likely a long shot in the short term.