18 Aug

Scam Pokies in Australia

We have mentioned time and time again how the online casino industry is a rich one and how they basically print money. If they play by the book, they can make a lot of money, and more often than not, refusing to play by the book, getting greedy and breaking the law, works against them (as soon as one person is scammed, everyone knows thanks to the beauty of the internet).

Still, there are scam sites out there. These are not scams in the traditional sense of the word. They don’t set up fake sites in an effort to steal your cash and credit card details. Many of them even begin legitimately, but then get overwhelmed or lazy and stop paying out withdrawals, before doing a runner with your money. Some of them are just completely set on making money that they don’t pay attention to the software they lease and miss the fact that it is unfair. Others refuse to honor free bets, have error-ridden software and terrible or non-existent customer support. These may not be “Scams” as such, but they definitely need to be avoided.

We don’t want to spend our time listing these sites though and rather than telling you which sites you should not join, we’ll focus on the ones that you should join. There are safe, experienced and trusted sites out there that play by the book and will never steal your money. These are the ones you should focus on, and in this article we will highlight the pick of the bunch.

Royal Vegas Casino

When it comes to experienced casinos that can be trusted, there is nowhere else to turn. We have been members of Royal Vegas Casino for some time and whilst we have joined and reviewed other sites throughout that time, this has remained as our online casino of choice throughout.


One of the things that attracts many players to Royal Vegas Casino is the $1,200 new member bonus, which is paid out over the course of your first three deposits. If you are taking advantage of this promotion, you should try and ensure that your first deposit is bigger than your second and third, as the first deposit bonus is a 100% matched bonus, whilst the others are 25% and 50% respectively.

There is also a generous loyalty scheme on Royal Vegas Casino, and one which benefits all players over time. As a member of the Fortune Lounge Group, Royal Vegas Casino players can also benefit from slots tournaments, blackjack tournament and an endless list of great promotions, including the chance to win everything from a luxury cruise for 2, to a sports car.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The average minimum deposits on most online casinos is $20 AUD. This is nothing to most players, with the average gambler going through this amount in less than an hour. However, everyone is different and for those who don’t want to gamble as much, or maybe want to test the waters first, $20 can seem a bit excessive.

Luckily, the minimum deposit on Royal Vegas Casino is just $5 AUD. This is tiny, the smallest we have ever seen, and it is sure to fit the budgets of all gamblers. Simply put, if you still think this is too much, then you probably shouldn’t be gambling. All players are treated equally on Royal Vegas Casino and whether you’re depositing $5 or $500, you can still take advantage of the new member bonus, the loyalty scheme and everything else. Of course, you’ll get more if you deposit $500, but it’s all relative.

Players who deposit $5 can also take advantage of the extra 10% in credits which is paid out when 1 of 6 web wallets are used. Again, this option is open to all players and whilst there is a limit on the deposit size for this offer, it won’t affect the majority of players. This deposit bonus does not include PayPal, but deposits and withdrawals can still be made through PayPal, as well as credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and a number of other options.


This is a safe site, and one look at the bottom of the main Royal Vegas Casino page will tell you that. There are stacks of badges down there, proving that they have been licensed, audited and certified as safe by companies who make it their job to ensure safety in this industry. They are based in Malta and regulated by the MGA, who also regulate the biggest gambling site in the world, BetFair. They are also owned by a company that runs many other online casinos and has been involved in this industry for close to two decades. You can’t get more experience than that.

The software used on Royal Vegas Casino is Microgaming, which is the oldest and is also considered to be the best by many. You’re pretty much guaranteed secure and fair games when Microgaming is concerned, but Royal Vegas Casino are still overseen by eCOGRA, who run regular audits on their games and make sure that everything is as it should be.