22 Aug

LeoVegas adds Silent Blackjack and more to Live Casino

The new Premier Stakes Room at LeoVegos Live Casino now offering new Silent Blackjack and VIP Blackjack tables for high rollers.

LeoVegas Live Casino adds Silent VIP Blackjack at Pemier Stakes Room

They say “silence is golden”, and at LeoVegas’s new Primer Stakes Live Casino tables, that couldn’t be more true. The popular mobile gambling website spent the last two months teasing its members with the upcoming launch of a Premier Stakes Room, and it finally happened in the first week of August.

As the name suggests, the Premier Stakes Room is a collection of live casino tables designated for high stakes players. You won’t find any $1 or $5 minimums here. What you will find is stakes ranging from as low as $15 and $25, up to $2k and $5k, all developed by the world’s leading live casino supplier, Evolution Gaming. A true high roller’s paradise.

Two types of VIP blackjack tables have been launched in the Premier Stakes Room thus far. One is a rather traditional VIP Blackjack set-up, where big spenders can enjoy a highly professional game with standard rules. The other is much more unique, known as Silent VIP Blackjack, catering to the most serious of players.

Silent VIP Blackjack for Serious Players

Silent Blackjack for Live Casino VIPsSilent VIP Blackjack tables are open 8 hours daily, from 6:00 PM to 2:00 AM (CET). The table stakes range from $25 to $5,000.

Don’t worry, Silent blackjack is not the equivalent of turning off the chat window and muting your sound system. The new Silent VIP Blackjack live casino tables aren’t 100% silent.

Just like the rest of the live casino games at LeoVegas, the dealers are equipped with a microphone and do communicate with the players. They greet all new entrants to the table, announce values and wins/losses, and are quite friendly – all the usual stuff.

The biggest difference here is that players won’t be bothered with the typical banter and mind-numbing chit chat that tends to take place on a constant basis at lower stakes tables. Players are asked not to participate in idle conversation with their fellow players or the dealer. It has been described by some as the “polar opposite of Celebrity BJ”.

The idea here is to give serious blackjack players their own retreat. A place where they can concentrate on the most important factor in the game – the cards themselves. The lack of distraction at Silent Blackjack tables could prove especially beneficial to professional card counters. Of course, they’ll have to bet at least the $25 minimum per hand for that privilege.

Premier Stakes VIP Blackjack Tables

There’s nothing particularly special about these new live casino tables at LeoVegas. The table minimums are surprisingly low, considering their inclusion in the Premier Stakes Room. They range from $15 to $2,000. The tables are only open for 8 hours a day, from 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM (CET).

What may draw players to these tables is the heightened level of professionalism, expected from the dealers as well as participants. Players are not expected to be silent, but are discouraged from striking up idle chit chat. Discussions about the game and hand outcomes are perfectly acceptable.

The dealers are exceptionally well trained to minimize, if not eliminate, potential mistakes and misdeals. The pace of each game, by design, runs more quickly and fluently. Relative to its Silent Blackjack cousin, VIP Blackjack tables are, more or less, a live casino option designated for serious players who still enjoy worthwhile conversation.