4 Dec

Single-hand Blackjack – Alternative Blackjack for Aussies

Blackjack is a simple card game, and one that most people know the rules to and have played at one point or another. The beauty of this game though is that there are many complexities to it, many ways of exploiting the game and the house, ways of turning this simple gambling game into a profession.

What’s more, you can make as much money playing online blackjack as you can playing offline blackjack, and the internet age has paved the way for many more professional blackjack players to enter the scene. This game has yet to become as popular in Australia as pokies or even as poker in many regions, but it is still the card game that generates the most money for casinos and the one that also returns some of the highest amounts for players.

Single-Hand Blackjack Strategy

There is a mathematical system for playing blackjack that is known as Basic Blackjack Strategy. If you have ever played poker or if you have ever seen it being played online or on TV, then you will understand that there is a certain percentage, a chance of success, behind every move you make. The best poker players are the ones who understand these odds and know how to play for them, and that’s basically what this system tries to emulate.

Basic Blackjack Strategy lists a number of moves that you should make during any given scenario, with each of them designed to give you the very best chance of winning. For instance, it states that you should never take insurance, because over the long haul you will lose more money than you will win. Of course, it doesn’t account for luck and is based purely on statistics, but it works, and that’s why many professional players use it to profit playing this game.

Single-Hand Blackjack Tips

As long as you are using Basic Blackjack Strategy then you are giving yourself a great chance of beating the house. However, there are a few other things you can do to help as well. Firstly, look for games that pay 3:2 for a blackjack, as 6:5 has become far more common and whilst it seems like a tiny difference, it actually gives the house a much higher edge. That edge is also very important, so you should only stick to the games that have the lowest percentage. If you can find a marginal house edge, it means that the slightest luck, skill or strategy can tip the balance in your favour.

Casino perks are also incredibly important. All successful blackjack players get the best perks, but these aren’t usually available to newcomers or small stake players. That changes in the online world though, where big bonuses are easy to come by. It goes without saying that if you are playing with fake money and winning real money, then it won’t take long for you to generate a profit.

It is also very important to find a decent loyalty scheme. This ensures that even if you are down at the end of a long session, then the cash-back you have generated might be able to push you back into the black. In fact, the margins are so small in this game that professional players will refuse to play anywhere unless they are receiving some form of rebate or are part of a loyalty scheme.

Where to Play

Double Exposure Blackjack is by far the best online blackjack variant there is, so you should always seek out this variant if possible. We mentioned how important the house edge is, and with this game you will find the lowest house edge of any blackjack variant.

It is only available on the Microgaming software, but luckily there are many Microgaming casinos out there. One of the most popular of these, one that has been around for many years, is highly regulated and is also available to Australian players, is the European based Royal Vegas Casino.

This online casino ticks all of the boxes, and as well as a sound and secure system and some great software, it also has the best bonuses, a great loyalty program, some helpful customer support and much more.