Real Money Gambling is an affiliate website that is devoted to gambling in all of its forms. As an affiliate website, we do not sell any products or services and merely earn money by linking to other services. This also means that, at no point will we request your financial information, although as stated below, we may request partial personal information from you in an effort to improve your experience of the Real Money Gambling website.

Real Money Gambling

Real Money Gambling is a gambling site that was created with a view to benefit gamblers in Australia and further afield. A good gambler and a profitable gambler is a well informed gambler, so we make it our duty to inform our members about the industry as best we can, including reviews, news, opinion articles and much more.

Your Information

As we do not sell a product or a service, there are few instances in which we will request any information from you. However, such instances do occur. As an example, if you use a contact form on our website then it will ask you to input your name and email address. This is purely so we can personalise our response to you and so we know where to send that response.

If Real Money Gambling ever runs a competition or establishes a newsletter, we may also request some information from you if you wish to join. Again, this is purely to increase your experience of the website and will allow us to send you notifications, prizes and periodic newsletters.


Once we have your information and have used it for the purpose it was sent to us, then it will be deleted. We have no reason to store information acquired via contact forms and we will not sell, lend or give away this information to third-parties. If we need to keep your information, such as in the event of a newsletter or a competition, then we will do our upmost to ensure that it remains safe and secure at all times. Again, we can also guarantee that this information will not be sold or leased to a third-party at anytime.

As previously stated, we are a content site only, providing information, tips, reviews, advice and more. Therefore, there are very few instances in which we will ask for such information, let alone be in a situation where we need to store it.

For more information on your privacy as a user of Real Money Gambling, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


All of the content that you see on Real Money Gambling was created by the owners of this site, or by writers, editors, developers and designers hired by the owners. It is unique and was original at the time of creation. We value unique copyright and we also respect ownership, which is why we will never take any work from another site. We ask that all users of Real Money Gambling show us the same level of respect, appreciating the effort that has gone into this site.

In the event that any of the content on Real Money Gambling is copied and used elsewhere, including images, writing, logos and anything else that is owned exclusively by us, we may take legal action. Our strict permission is required to use any of the content we own on another site, and if you would like to use any of this content, simply get in touch. If credit is given, along with a link to our site, and if the content used is minimal, then we may accept. However, without permission from us, none of our content can be used and we may take legal action if it is.


Real Money Gambling is a gambling site and although we provide tips and advice, we do not guarantee anything. We ask all users of this site to remember that all forms of gambling carry a big risk and that nothing is assured. We can not be responsible for any losses that result following the use of this website.

Consent and Changes

If the terms on this page change at anytime, then we will make the necessary changes. In the event that those changes are big, then we will try our best to warn our members in advance. This may be done through notices on the homepage or through emails if we have your address. If the changes are minor, or if we have no way of contacting our members to pre-warn them, then no such efforts will be made. Either way, by continuing to use Real Money Gambling after any changes have been made, whether you are aware of them or not, you are automatically agreeing to them.

If you do not agree to those changes, or you do not agree to any of the terms already listed on this page, please close the Real Money Gambling website down now.

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