1 Aug

How to Test Online Casino Support

How to Test Online Casino SupportDid you ever join an online gambling website, and everything went perfectly smooth for awhile, right up until you asked support for help? If the online casino support isn’t helpful, it can ruin the entire experience.

Online casino support is one of the most crucial aspects of any iGaming operation. Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked by internet gamers until it comes time to ask for assistance. Like consumer protection measures and secure banking methods, customer support can make or break any iGaming experience.

Online Casino Support Options

There are generally three ways you can contact online casino support. They include live chat support, email support, and telephone.

Live chat is the most popular option. It provides an immediate connection between the customer and support representative, directly from the online casino’s website. Simply click the Live Chat button, type your name, email address and question, then click Send. An operator should be with you in a few moments.

Email support is a good method, too, but only if you don’t need an immediate response. Most online casino support pages advertise a response time of 24-48 hours. And that may only apply to business days.

Calling up a support rep on the telephone is another good way to get quick help. Responsible casinos will usually supply a toll-free number for all major countries they accept players from.

So long as live chat and email support is available, that should be enough. If toll-free phone support is on the list too, that’s an even better sign that there’s a strong support system. But the only real way to know is to test it out for yourself.

Testing Online Casino Support

This is a simple way to find out if the online casino support is reliable. First, shoot an email to them asking a few questions; some simple, some not. I say use email first, because it almost always takes longer to get a response this way.

I like to start by specifying that I am not yet a member of the casino, but might be interested in registering an account. Also specify which casino you’re talking about, because many of them are associated with larger groups.

As for questions, start with something like player acceptance. “Do you accept players from Australia?” or maybe, “I see you website says you take deposits in AUD. Does that mean all Australia players are accepted?”

The response should be a straight Yes, a simple No, or a list of Australian states/territories that are accepted (if some are not).

Keep digging, though. Also ask about what deposit methods they accept in AUD. And if you use a method that involves currency exchange, do you have to pay a fee for that?

If the online casino support rep is able to answer these questions clearly, you’ve confirmed that they are knowledgeable. But just as important is how long it takes to get a response. If it takes a few hours, that’s a plus. If it’s a whole day, okay. If it’s 2 days or more, don’t bother.

Testing the live chat support or phone support is pretty easy. You can ask similar questions, too. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes at most to be connected with a chat rep, and you’ll know pretty quick how smart they are about their products.

If you really want to shake them up, ask things like: What company operates this casino? Where are you located and licenced? What’s your licence number?

An online casino support rep should be able to answer these questions, but I’ve encountered a few who were completely stumped. A few had to consult with a supervisor, and on one occasion, the rep actually got snippy and disconnected the chat! Obviously, that’s not a good casino to trust your money with.