6 Dec

Texas Hold’em Australia – Real Money Online Hold’em 2015

The game of poker has existed for hundreds of years, but the Texas Hold’em revolution was just a couple of decades ago. This particular variant has been around since the early 20th century, but it took nearly 70 years for it to work its way into the mainstream, becoming the biggest, best and most popular form of poker around.

How to Play and Types of Games

Texas Hold’em is huge both online and offline. In the offline setting there are large events all over the world, many of which have very small and accessible buy-ins. Of course, the bigger events, the ones that offer millions to the winner and the placers, cost a little more. To buy-in to the WSOP Main Event, for instance, you need $10,000, and this is one of the cheaper events, as the organisers rely on a vast number of entrants to build the pots. Events like the EPT and WPT are a little cheaper, and if you have the skills you can gain access for very little and even for free, working your way into the event via satellites.

Online you will find just as many big events and tournaments, and these are available on most sites. Many poker players flock to sites like Pokerstars, but this is a novice mistake. The competition on these sites is huge and the bonuses are meaningless. If you opt for an online casino instead, then you can pickup loyalty bonuses, top-up bonuses and new member bonuses, effectively playing for free with thousands of dollars.

Rules and Regulation

There are tighter restrictions on poker than on many other gambling games in Australia. This makes little sense when you consider that skill-based games tend to have an easy time of things and that poker is arguably the casino game that requires the highest level of skill. However, laws are rarely straightforward.

Poker is available in some states, but in others it is illegal. However, wherever you are in Australia you will have no issue finding online poker sites. These include the poker-only platforms and the poker games you will find on big sports books and online casinos, such as the highly rated Hold’em game you can find on Royal Vegas Casino.

Tips and Strategy

The game of Texas Hold’em is a simple one, but there are many strategies, many ways to play, and this is what makes it great. If you are playing in a tournament then one of the best ways to get an edge over your opponents is to do the opposite of what they do. Many players will play loose in the early stages and tighten up during the bubble, so you need to do the opposite. Play tight to begin with and when everyone else tightens up around the bubble, let loose, take their chips off them. You should push yourself during the bubble, really go for it, because whilst everyone else is folding big hands and second guessing themselves to avoid the risk, you need to pick up the pieces. This is what the biggest and best players do, it’s how big tournaments are won, and yet it is something that the vast majority of new players somehow overlook.


The game of poker has existed for hundreds of years and in the early days games like Draw and Stud ruled. In fact, it was the game of Stud that helped to create the game of Texas Hold’em. The legend says that a group of Texas ranchers would get together to play Stud, but as their numbers grew they realised that this particular variant was no longer accommodating them. Therefore, they decided to create one that allowed for more players, one that used “community cards” and gave each player a minimum number of individual cards. And thus the game of Texas Hold’em was born.

This was in the 1920s, mere decades after Wild Bill and friends trawled the Wild West playing Five Card Draw. It took several more decades for Texas Hold’em to become popular outside of small circles, and when it was chosen as the poker game of choice for the World Series of Poker, the Hold’em revolution began. In the early 2000s, Chris Moneymaker won the Main Event, becoming one of the first amateurs to go from a cheap satellite to a multi-million dollar title, and that success inspired more people to play the game than anything else.