15 Jul

Real Money Video Poker

Video poker is one of the few electronic casino games where you need as much skill and knowledge as you do luck, in order to get by. Simply jabbing the “deal” button is not going to get you anywhere here. At the very least you need to understand poker hand values and the game of poker itself, particularly the 5-Card Draw games that is common on video poker machines, as opposed to the Texas Hold’em and Omaha games that are popular in poker rooms.

You should also know how to play poker and how to play it well, because the better you are as a player, the more you stand to make on video poker machines. This is not like playing against a table of real players. In video poker you play against the computer and whilst the house does have an edge, you can completely negate that edge if you choose the right game, have the right knowledge and skill, and know enough about poker and video poker to beat the game.

In this article we will look at Royal Vegas Casino and at their many video poker games. Simply put, when it comes to real money video poker, there is no better choice. There are stacks of bonuses to get you started and a great loyalty scheme to ensure that when you’re on a losing streak or when you spend all day playing and have broken even at the end of play, you can earn that little bit extra. So, what sort of video poker games can you expect to find on Royal Vegas Casino?

Royal Vegas Casino Video Poker

There are about two dozen games to choose from on Royal Vegas Casino, which uses the Microgaming software. There are single-hand games and multi-hand games, with some allowing you to play as many as 50 or 100 hands. However, we would advise against you playing this many hands. They work on a very simple system whereby you basically get dealt 50 or 100 different hands and then hope that one of them lands. The way to winning at video poker and gaining an edge over the house is with the re-deal option, which allows you to change some of your cards. This is also where the skill element comes it, and it is not there on multi-hand games.

Some of the best video poker variants on Royal Vegas Casino include Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, All Aces Poker and Double Double Bonus. Just because we prefer them doesn’t mean that you will though, so take your bonus (discussed below) and use it to try as many of these games as possible. Spend a few minutes on each, play a few hands and see which one you like the look and feel of the most.

If you’re new to video poker then remember that you should not chase flushes or straights when you only have three cards that are part of that flush or straight. You should also not put too much emphasis on small pairs. Not only will some variants of video poker not even pay you for these, but the ones that do won’t pay you very well.

Royal Vegas Casino Bonuses

To get the ball rolling there is a huge new member bonus on offer, giving you as much as $1,200 to play with. This is more than enough to get you started and to help you find the video poker game that works best for you. This bonus is split into three parts, paid over your first three deposits. The bigger one is the first one, so try and lump as much of your budget into your first deposit as possible. The second is not very big but the third is also impressive, so take that into account when making further deposits.

Royal Vegas Casino also occasionally offers free spins to all new members, but these can only be used on the slot machines and not on the video poker machines. There are some slot machines that resemble video poker though, including games like Poker Pursuit which plays out like a game of 5-Card Draw against the casino.

What’s more, if you deposit using one of six pre-defined web wallets, including Skrill and EcoCard, then Royal Vegas Casino will also give you another 10% in credits, paid out on top of whatever other bonus you have. This might not sound like much, but every little bit helps and it could go a long way on the video poker machines. There is also a very generous loyalty scheme on Royal Vegas Casino, and they are a part of the Fortune Lounge Group. This offers a number of tournaments, bonuses and promotions and even has its own loyalty scheme, so members of Royal Vegas Casino can affectively take part in two such schemes.