15 Jul

Visa Debit Pokies

Visa is one of the most popular names all over the world when it comes to credit cards and debit cards. In large parts of the world they are the leading financial institution and one whose name appears on more credit cards and debit cards than any of their rivals. There is a good chance you own a Visa Debit card or credit card, and if that is the case then read on to find a casino that accepts it and also allows Australians to play.

Spin Palace

When you need to use your Visa Debit in an online casino there are few better options than Spin Palace. This site offers a deluge of deposit and withdrawal methods, not least of which include Visa Debit and Visa Credit. You can deposit as much or as little as you want here, with the minimum deposit being just $20. However, when it comes time to withdraw some winnings, you will need to withdraw the same amount that you deposited, back to your deposit method. This is an anti-fraud prevention feature and it is common on all online casinos and across all gambling sites. It basically means that if you deposit $100 with your Visa Debit and then go on to win $500, you will need to withdraw $100 to your Visa Debit before you can withdraw the other $400 to whatever method you prefer.

Spin Palace Bonuses

There is a new member bonus of $1,000 for all players on Spin Palace. This is paid out in three different matched deposit bonuses, with the biggest being the first deposit. Therefore, to get the most out of this new member bonus you should try and deposit as much as you can on your first deposit, very little on your second deposit and then somewhere between the two on the third deposit. This is what we did and we found that from a combined deposit of $400 across all three deposits, we were able to secure an extra $100 or so. When you get into the casino and start playing the slots and table games, you will realise that just $100 extra goes a very long way indeed.

This is not all though. In fact, it’s not even the best thing about Spin Palace, because we haven’t even mentioned the Spin Palace Loyalty Club. This is where the action is, this is what turns Spin Palace from a good site into a brilliant site. It is what truly sets it apart from its competitors, and it is also the thing that helps to turn nomadic gamblers, those who switch from site to site to score as many new member bonuses as they can, into loyal players.

The Spin Palace Loyalty Club has many levels, and the more points you earn and more cash back you get, the higher in the levels you will climb. The first level is the Blue level and this offers a few promotions and a couple of little extras. However, as soon as you advance a couple of levels then the fun really begins, with extra cash back, free prizes, bigger bonuses, free tournaments, tickets to the biggest sporting events and more. If you make it all the way to the final level then you will truly enjoy the life of a VIP. The perks in this level are way better than any perks you could get in the grandest of land-based casinos, with exclusive gifts for you and your friends and family, tickets to the biggest and most sought-after events, your own VIP manager (with paid expenses for you to travel and meet them) and so much more. It takes a lot of play to get to this level, but all players are able to benefit in their own way and even those who bet with very little will be able to pickup some cash back and some extra bonuses every now and then.

Spin Palace Safety

This is a safe and secure site. It is also an experienced one and has been in business since 2001, much longer than many top gambling destinations. In fact, Spin Palace is currently one of the longest running online casinos and in all of the years it has operated, we have not heard of a single issue with security or with flawed software or anything else for that matter.

These days Spin Palace is actually run by BetWay Limited, one of the biggest names in gambling. It is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, who also regulate BetFair and other top gambling sites, and it is audited by eCOGRA. This is one of the strictest auditing companies out there and it is their job to ensure that the Spin Palace website is as safe and as fair as it claims to be. As you can tell from their report, they have no issues with the site as it is now and they run regular check to make sure that it stays that way. eCOGRA also side with the player in the event that they have a dispute with the casino.